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[casi] UN Blast

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 14:00:55 -0400
For more details go to UN News Centre at

I find this especially disturbing. First, of course, because of the
tragedy of it, and the loss to the UN and Iraq, but also because it
doesn't "make sense".

I can see some sense (albeit debatably bad sense) in killing occupation
forces, blowing up oil lines, and such, but recent attacks on the water
pipe, the Jordanian embassy, the prison yard, and now the UN seems less
related to any legitimate resistance than to chaotic destruction.

I wonder who is responsible, and which of the various attacks may have
been done by the same forces. It is easy enough to say "terrorists did
it" -- which many on the news programs are saying -- but that's hardly an

A few thoughts run through my mind for possiblities:

*Crazy people -- gratuitous violence.

*Attempt to target individual(s) expected to be in the building.

*Revenge, as in the UN attack for supporting the sanctions and SCR1483.

*Extremists to whom any not of their narrow ideas are "the enemy".

*Iraqi - or foreign (which might include US) -- groups seeking power who
want to destabilize Iraq hoping to capitalize by gathering up insecure
and deprived people to their cause -- or justify extreme actions in
response. Or an attempt to fix blame on someone, and discredit them.

*Enemies of Iraq -- a nation or group who want's Iraq (and possibly the
US) to go down in failure.

The truck-bombs could be the work of someone entirely different from the
daily ambushs of US troops. The water pipe and prison attacks seem to be
set apart by who is harmed. It doesn't do to jump to conclusions, as many
commenters and politicians are doing

While the creation of chaos and interference in reconstruction might be
thought to serve the purposes of one group or another, there is a
possibility of true chaos here: a blend of anger, frustration and random
violence, many groups and individuals at cross purposes, and the
destruction of social identity, such that there is no underlying order --
except like a stochastic atomic chain reaction.

What if this is a matter of reaching a "critical mass" of sanctions,
misery, death, repression, poverty, corruption, insults to honor, bombs,
radioactive poisons, lies -- the chaos of the last few decades coming
under the pressure of the invasion and occupation? This is a possibility
I find most worrisome.

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