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[casi] America Must Be put on the Right Track

America Must Be put on the Right Track

By Ibrahim Ebeid

The Majority of Americans feel that President George
W. Bush and his Administration deceived them.  Indeed
they were tricked to believe that America was in grave
danger and Americans might die by the thousands if Mr.
Saddam Hussein released his “weapons of mass
destructions and his inter continental missiles”
across the oceans into the United States. Or he might
give his “destructive weapons” to some American hater
organizations in order to create havoc, terror and
death.  This dread spread across America, people were
frightened and America went astray.

Bush was successful in rallying the Majority in the
House of Representatives and the Senate behind him to
launch his aggressive war against Iraq that led to the
occupation of that country.

Former Vice President Al Gore said   in reference to
the war against Iraq,  “The direction in which our
nation is being led is deeply troubling to me -- not
only in Iraq but also here at home on economic policy,
social policy and environmental policy. “

President Bush has betrayed the American people and
American values Millions of us Americans share the “
feeling that something pretty basic has gone wrong in
our country and that some important American values
are being placed at risk.”   We want the people to
control America and we demand our Representatives to
restore the dignity of America and restore and protect
our values. We demand our Representatives to put
America back on its right track.

Former Vise President Al Gore was right again when he
said, “The way we went to war in Iraq illustrates this
larger problem. Normally, we Americans lay the facts
on the table, talk through the choices before us and
make a decision. But that didn't really happen with
this war -- not the way it should have. And as a
result, too many of our soldiers are paying the
highest price, for the strategic miscalculations,
serious misjudgments, and historic mistakes that have
put them and our nation in harm's way.”

The policies of the United States are creating many
problems in the World. These policies that are
motivated by blind visions and selfishness of our
present and past Administrations must be changed. Our
foreign policies should be based on peace, justice,
and equality. Human values and respect of other
nations’ right to decide their way of life and destiny
must be revered and respected. Cooperation between
nations must replace domination.

President Bush occupied Iraq on false pretences that
many of us Americans came to see clearly. He violated
the Charter of the United Nations as well as our

Our young men and women are dying in this war that
will have no end until this Administration is replaced
and the mistakes are corrected, cooperation must
replace domination and our troops must come home to
build America and revive its economy.

President Bush is not concerned about the problems
that America is facing at home and abroad. He is
concerned to build an empire and claim himself the
dominating ruler of the World. He continues to create
fear and havoc to scare the American people in order
to secure his election in 2004. The danger that
America is facing could be avoided if we replace the
policies of domination for cooperation, then everyone
will love and respect America.

The President is avoiding the real major problems that
America is facing. Problems such as, Poverty,
Homelessness, Unemployment, Housing, the Elderly,
Medicines for the old and the poor, and the list is
very long. If he continues in this path America will
crumble and fall. We need to rescue America and to
replace his regime with a new wise and peace loving
Administration that cares for America and respect
other nations.

America should stop wasting our money on building
empires. We should stop wasting billions of dollars on
wars and on far away countries that the Administration
wants to put under our domain

The billions that we are spending on armaments and
wars should be spent on America in order to help
secure good life to all Americans. Those billions are
needed here to help eliminate all the serious problems
that America is facing at home. Such as:


Homelessness is a big problem in the United States,
according to figures provided by the US Department of
Health and Human Services, up to 600,000 men, women,
and children go homeless each night in the US.

Recent evidence confirms that homelessness among
families is increasing. A survey of 25 U.S. cities
found that in the year 2000, families with children
accounted for 36% of the homeless population (U.S.
Conference of Mayors, 2000), with requests for
emergency shelter by families with children increasing
an average of 17% from previous the year.

In New York City alone, city officials estimated that
there were 30,000 people utilizing the shelter system
on a daily basis, more than at any other time in the
city's history.


Unemployment is another serious problem that the Bush
Administration is ignoring. Millions of people are
losing their jobs or are accepting cut off in their
salaries. When people lose their jobs certainly they
cannot pay their mortgages or their property taxes and
at the end they loose their homes and become homeless.
 People with low in income are prone to become
homeless as well.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department
of Labor reports the unemployment rate is the highest
in nine years.

The unemployment rate rose to 6.4 percent in June.

The number of unemployed persons increased by 360,000
in June to 9.4 million.

Teenage unemployment rose to 19.3%.

There were 2 million persons unemployed for 27 weeks.

478,000 persons are considered discouraged workers who
have given up looking for work because they believe no
jobs are available for them.

Manufacturing cut 56,000 jobs, bringing total job cuts
in the sector to 2.6 million in last two years.

The rise in the employment rate was greater than the
6.2% that had been predicted, surprising economists
who had forecasted a lower increase.

In addition, the New York Times reported recently that
this is the worst job market in twenty years. The
economy has lost more than two million jobs since the
most recent recession began in March 2001.

Senior Americans

This grave problem should be tackled and corrected.
Our seniors spent their entire lives working and
building this country. Contrary to George Bush and
others in the Administration, the majority of them
have served this country in war and peace. Some of
them are veterans and live in poverty. Senior citizens
cannot afford to pay for medicine.  The price of
medicine is sky high and our Administration is busy in
launching wars around the World and ignoring our
seniors. It is time to reward the elderly for their
great contributions for building America. The money is
needed here.

We need a regime change right here in Washington. Let
us spend our money here in America to provide decent
life for all of its citizens. Let us provide food,
homes, education and medicine for everyone. We can do
it. Let us follow the policy of cooperation not
domination and occupation.






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