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RE: [casi] rewriting textbooks for Iraq

Dear all,

This article below cites:

"the American consultancy firm Creative Associates International
Incorporated (CAII) recently won the USAID bid to revamp Iraqi education,
including the rewriting of textbooks, to the tune of $65 million."

 Here is more from US AID on this issue:

Awarded to Creative Associates International, Inc., of Washington, D.C., on
April 11, 2003.
Contract calls for: increased enrollment and improved quality of primary and
secondary education, including ensuring classrooms have sufficient material
by start of new school year (i.e., desks, computers, pencils, paper);
facilitation of community involvement and other social mobilization to
retain students; and development of baseline indicators.
Award - $1 million initially, up to $62.6 million over 12 months.

Going to the Creative Associates International, Inc. site
(, there is information on CAII involvement not only in
Iraq, but also in Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. (!!!)

Here is one of the key statements from CAII:
"Creative Associates will lead an alliance of partners on the RISE Project
which aims to provide rapid distribution of school materials, equipment, and
supplies in Iraq."

The key is the phrase: "School Materials".

See: for more info

Does anyone have additional info on this?


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|(7) Curricular and extra-curricular battles
|By Joseph Massad
|Al-Ahram Weekly
|14-20 August 2003

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