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[casi] Articles about extreme Zionism

A compilation of fragments of articles about the right-wing extreme

(The count is weighted towards anti-Zionist articles, but I suppose one
can find  pro-Zionist articles with little difficulty...)

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Subject:  [Iraq] The 2003 Iraq War - Made in Israel!

These are a bunch of articles discussing the Israel
factor in the war on Iraq and subsequest occupation.
The source is here:

The 2003 Iraq War - Made in Israel!
"What is called for is a new American revolution, on a
par with the New Deal and abolition of slavery, with
de-monopolisation of the discourse; that is of media
and universities, for starters. In the beginning of
the Twentieth Century, Americans undid the mighty
Standard Oil. They created new anti-monopoly laws and
terminated the threat to democracy. This achievement
could be repeated now."
- Extract from Israel Shamir's recent article 'Midas

Articles which propose the Zionist lobby is the
'prime mover' behind the push to invade Iraq
    War on Iraq: Conceived in Israel

by Stephen J. Sniegoski in The Last Ditch, February
10th 2003
A detailed account, in five parts, of the role of the
US Zionist lobby in devising and formenting this new
American War against Iraq
A shorter version of this article is HERE in the
Current Concerns website

   Too Many Smoking Guns to Ignore:
Israel, American Jews, and the War on Iraq

by Bill and Kathleen Christison in CounterPunch,
January 25th 2003
Progressive ex-CIA analyists set out the evidence for
Israeli complicity in Bush administration planning for
war with Iraq

  Who is in Charge?

by Edward Said in Media Monitors Network, March 8th
"Wherever you look in the Congress there are the
tell-tale signs either of the Zionist lobby, the
right-wing Christians, or the military-industrial
complex, three inordinately influential minority
groups who share hostility to the Arab world,
unbridled support for extremist Zionism, and an
insensate conviction that they are on the side of the
angels... The media has simply become a branch of the
war effort. What has entirely disappeared from
television is anything remotely resembling a
consistently dissenting voice."

  "Our media, our sheltering parents"

bt Gabriel Ash in Yellow Times, April 17th 2003
"In a couple of months, when the role of the Zionists
in the war will become widely known, the Times will
publish an editorial sheepishly bemoaning the way some
Pentagon officials have let their personal views
influence U.S. policy. If Keller is lucky, his article
might even be proof that the Times broke the news in
time, but nobody listened. This is how the public
record is written. Gandhi said "first they ignore you,
then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you
win." We've just been promoted."

  Can We Talk?

by Eric Alterman in The Nation
A refreshingly honest account of the taboo over Jewish
influence on US foreign policy.
"If the Likudniks played an unsavory role in fomenting
this war (and future wars), and further discussion
will help illuminate this unhappy fact, then I say,
"Let there be light." If something is "toxic" merely
to talk about, the problem is probably not in the
talking, but in the doing."

by Justin Raimondo in, February 19th 2003

"Why the rush to war? The progenitors of "Clean Break"
see the Israeli state facing a possibly terminal
crisis, suffering from an "exhaustion" that could lead
to extinction. The idea is to break with the idea of
"containment" and go for a policy of preemption"

Making the World Safe for Sharon’s Israel
by William Hughes in, March 1st
"any U.S. led war with Iraq will not really be about
bringing democracy to that country, or about removing
Saddam from power. It will mostly be about making the
world safe for Sharon’s Israel. For that foul deed,
the repulsive Richard Perle, who has been pulling
wires for decades, will take a bow. "

The Case against War
by Robert Fisk in The Independent, 15th February 2003
"The men driving Bush to war are mostly former or
still active pro-Israeli lobbyists. For years, they
have advocated destroying the most powerful Arab
nation. Richard Perle, one of Bush's most influential
advisers, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton
and Donald Rumsfeld were all campaigning for the
overthrow of Iraq long before George W Bush was
elected – if he was elected – US President. And they
weren't doing so for the benefit of Americans or

The Zev and Ari Show: Time for Full Disclosure
by William Hughes in, February
22nd 2003
A punchy short article about 'outing' war-monguering
Zionists whose decisive influence in the US
Administration and media is generally overlooked by
'political commentators', whether left, right or

U.S. attack on Iraq 'is to benefit Israel'
by a Gulf News Staff Reporter. 5th February 2003
Report of a press conference by French journalist Jean
Guisnel, author of the book The Horrifying Lie, who
claims: "The American goal behind a war is neither to
combat terrorism nor to control oil resources in the
area, but to strengthen Israel's position in the

How Israel Is Wrapped Up in Iraq
Joe Klein in Time Magazine online, February 5th 2003
"a stronger Israel is very much embedded in the
rationale for war with Iraq. It is a part of the
argument that dare not speak its name, a fantasy
quietly cherished by the neo-conservative faction in
the Bush Administration and by many leaders of the
American Jewish community."

Expatriate Richard Perle
by Kurt Nimmo in, 10th March 2003
"Richard Perle is a traitor. There's no other way to
put it... Richard Perle is an Israeli spy."

Wolfowitz and His Successfully Evil Cabal
by Richard H. Curtiss in,
February 28th 2003
"The 'Wolfowitz Cabal' is now determined to push the
US in the same direction as Israel’s most dangerous
right-wing policy and take on as an enemy every
Islamic nation Israel perceives as a threat. In this
Wolfowitz and his colleague, Richard Perle, seem to
have succeeded beyond their wildest and most fevered

Zionist Influence On The US War Machine
>From March 28th 2003
34 leading Zionists 'embedded' in the Bush
Administration are outed in this villains list.

The Celebrations have already begun
by Aluf Benn in Haaretz
"In conversations with Sharon's representatives, the
Americans don't even put on a show of pressure. The
settlements aren't mentioned. The Israeli-Arab
portfolio in the White House has been handed over to
Elliott Abrams, a right-wing Jew close to the Pentagon
hawks... In the eyes of Prime Minister Sharon, the war
in Iraq is an opportunity to change the balance of
power in the area. Sharon proposes a division of
labor: Israel will take care of Arafat. America will
smash the sources of Arab power: terrorism, missiles
and weapons of mass destruction."

The War on Iraq - A Cover for Israel's Atrocities
by Michael S. Ladah in Media Monitors Network,
February 28th 2003
"Credible analysis about the true motives behind the
war and the real objectives of the Bush Administration
has confirmed that Israel has a vested interest in the
looming war on Iraq and that Israel is expected to
reap major gains from the war... One of the obvious
reasons that has not been mentioned by most analysts,
however, is the diversion from (or cover up for) what
Israel is doing in the West Bank and Gaza, and from
what it plans to do."

US motives for invading Iraq: oil, Israel - or both
by Perwez Shafi in Media Monitors Network, March 5th
"The US invasion of Iraq has other medium- and
long-term motives as well. After Palestine the US will
challenge Syria and Lebanon to abandon their
resistance to Israel and to disarm all groups against
Israel, such as Hizbullah. If WMD are the pretext for
the invasion, the same pretext can also be used later
against Pakistan and Iran. The invasion would also
complete the encirclement of Iran. A so-called
"moderate" Islam of the Saudi dynasty, much-needed
during the cold war period to neutralize the "godless
communists", is no longer necessary and an alternative
is being discussed."

     Impending War on Iraq

by Professor George Bisharat in
"...the real reason we are going to war is the
messianic vision of a small but influential group of
strongly pro-Israeli hawks within the Bush
administration... War on Iraq would eliminate, for the
foreseeable future, any obstacle to a disposition of
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on terms that satisfy
Israel's territorial ambitions on most or all of the
West Bank."

The Flimflam
by Charley Reese of Reese.King-Online 5th March 2003
"In 1996, according to an article in the Israeli
newspaper Haaretz, Perle, Feith and David Wurmser, now
an assistant to Bolton, wrote a policy proposal for
Benjamin Netanyahu, then Israel's prime minister.
Included in their advice were tips on how to
manipulate the American government (OK, even the
Haaretz reporter says the report comes 'dangerously
close' to dual loyalty) and advice to drop the peace
plan, drop the idea of land for peace and concentrate
on toppling Saddam Hussein and eventually replacing
other Middle Eastern governments in order to create a
safe environment for Israel. There's your explanation
for the war. When sons and daughters come home in body
bags or maimed, those are the people you can blame..."

and from one of the main mouthpieces of the
pro-Zionist US mainstream media...
Bush and Sharon Nearly Identical On Mideast Policy
by Robert G. Kaiser, staff writer for the Washington
Post, February 9th 2003
""The Likudniks are really in charge now," said a
senior government official, using a Yiddish term for
supporters of Sharon's political party."

A Bush-Sharon doctrine?
by Arnaud de Borchgrave in The Washington Times,
February 14th 2003
"Washington's "Likudniks" — Ariel Sharon's powerful
backers in the Bush administration — have been in
charge of U.S. policy in the Middle East since
President Bush was sworn into office "

Iraqi War Based on Collusion of the U.S. and Israel
by Girard Newkirk Media Monitors Network, October 6th
"Deductive reason allows objective observers to wade
through the sea of propaganda in order to reach the
conclusion that an Iraqi invasion has very little
pertinence to U.S. security. As a matter of fact an
attack on Iraq would be counter effective to the "War
on Terror". An invasion would legitimize even the most
fanatical Islamic extremists' doctrine by allowing
them to emphasize this unsubstantiated attack on an
Arabic country while Israel is the largest benefactor
of the conquest. Israel has for decades attempted to
neutralize Iraq primarily due to its strong military
and for geopolitical reasons. Iraq has been a thorn in
the side of Israel for several years with its
relentless support of Palestinian refugees."

What Bush Isn't Saying About Iraq
by Michael Kinsley in Slate MSN, October 24th 2002
"The lack of public discussion about the role of
Israel in the thinking of "President Bush" is easier
to understand, but weird nevertheless. It is the
proverbial elephant in the room: Everybody sees it, no
one mentions it. "

What Can 'Refashioning The Middle East' Really Mean?
by Patrick Seale in Al-Hayat 28th February 2003
"...there is something unexplained and unreal, even
surreal, about the spectacle of the greatest power on
earth assembling an immense army to smash a smallish
state which has already been driven to its knees by a
quarter of a century of wars and cruel sanctions. Are
we truly to believe that poor Iraq, crippled,
enfeebled and monitored like no other nation, poses a
deadly threat to mankind? Or is the whole mad
enterprise driven by Israel's well-placed friends in
the US government who imagine that destroying what
remains of a major Arab country will be to Israel's

Who is driving this war against Iraq?
by Anver Suliman in Media Monitors Network, February
27th 2003
"Georgie Anne Geyer whose column appears weekly in the
Washington Times, revealed how "the neo-conservatives
around the administration, the rabid Israeli
supporters in the White House and the Pentagon", plan
to wage war in Iraq and then to 'democratize' the
entire Middle East, including Syria and Saudi Arabia
if necessary by military means, in order to secure
Ariel Sharon's Israel."

'American Dreamers'
Transcript of Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV
Four Corners Program, March 10th 2003
"With the the U.S. presidential order to invade Iraq
perhaps just days away, Four Corners looks behind the
oft-stated reasons for war - Saddam's alleged weapons
of mass destruction, America's oil ambitions - to
profile a tight knit group of Washington hawks."

Israel's Proxy War?
by M. Shahid Alam in Media Monitors Network, February
19th 2003
"It should be clear that Israel has the motive; but
does it also possess the capability to pull this off?
Is it possible for a small power to use a great power
– the only superpower, in this case – to wage its own
wars. Historically, great powers have often waged wars
through lesser proxies; but that does not mean that
this relationship can never get inverted. What makes
this eminently possible is the way an indirect
democracy – in particular, democracy in United States
– works. "

Situation in Iraq and Israel is inseparable
by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, The Balochistan Post,
Saturday, March 8th 2003
"A new film by the award-winning BBC journalist Olenka
Frenkiel will show that since the time of President
Kennedy, Israel has been amassing weapons of mass
destruction. They have denied this, and when Kennedy
sent an inspection team, they plastered off parts of
buildings and gave a falsified account. Since then
Israel has given itself an exceptional position which
says that it says nothing about these weapons, and
nobody asks. Ah, but Israel is a democracy. Yes, and
that is admirable in an area where potentates rule and
destroy their people. But Milosevic was also elected,
and Hitler was a very popular leader. Democracy offers
no guarantees of goodness. For many of us, it is not
just the double standards applied to Israel and Iraq
but the fear that Bush will watch as Sharon now lets
rip with his unmatched store of weapons. Why would he
agree to a two-state solution when he can roam free

The Men From JINSA and CSP
by Jason Vest in The Nation, August 15th 2002
"On no issue is the JINSA/CSP hard line more evident
than in its relentless campaign for war--not just with
Iraq, but "total war," as Michael Ledeen, one of the
most influential JINSAns in Washington, put it last
year. For this crew, "regime change" by any means
necessary in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the
Palestinian Authority is an urgent imperative. Anyone
who dissents--be it Colin Powell's State Department,
the CIA or career military officers--is committing
heresy against articles of faith that effectively hold
there is no difference between US and Israeli national
security interests, and that the only way to assure
continued safety and prosperity for both countries is
through hegemony in the Middle East--a hegemony
achieved with the traditional cold war recipe of
feints, force, clientism and covert action."

Bush Likudniks seek to start 'World War IV'
by Sam Francis in, March 20th 2003
"'The toothpaste is out of the tube' on the role of a
handful of neo-conservative hawks in the Bush
administration and their cohorts in the media pushing
the United States into war with Iraq for the benefit
of Israel... Don't imagine the war we launched this
week will be the last. With Israel's Likud Party now
effectively in charge of our foreign policy, you ain't
seen nothing yet."

Staff change means Mideast policy shift
by Richard Sale, UPI Intelligence Correspondent,
February 26th 2003
"Elliott Abrams, the controversial former Reagan
administration official who President Bush last
December appointed to the NSC to take charge of the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict, has removed several
staff members who were regarded as even-handed on the

Zionism Unbound
by Ann Pettifer in Media Monitors Network, December
20th 2002
"Robert Dreyfus, a senior correspondent at The
American Prospect, came close in a first class expose
on how the Pentagon's "well-placed hawks" are muzzling
the CIA so that intelligence data that contradicts the
case for war is not presented to the White House.
Dreyfus is blunt: "For Perle, Wolfovitz and FeithŠan
attack on Iraq is a strategic necessity, not because
Saddam Hussein is a threat, but because America needs
to display an overwhelming show of force to keep
unruly Arabs and Muslims all over the world in line."
However, Dreyfus still cannot mention the elephant in
the room, namely that these well-placed hawks are
Jewish-Americans and it is their hard-core Zionism
that is shaping American foreign policy. Zionism is
fast becoming a poisoned chalice, yet the US is poised
for a war largely propelled by its agenda."

Playing skittles with Saddam
by Brian Whitaker in The Guardian, September 3rd 2002
"One of the curious aspects of this neo-conservative
intrigue is that so few people outside the United
States and Israel take it seriously. Perhaps, like
President Mubarak, they can't imagine that anyone who
holds a powerful position in the United States could
be quite so reckless."

35 Years Late To Stop The War?
by James Brooks , March 10th 2003
"After years of placidly swallowing bitter lies about
the crushing of Palestine, we've been judged ready to
tackle the main course; the war on terror, the
disposal of international law, the erosion of our
rights for "national security", and the occupation and
subjugation of the entire Middle East. The goal? To
finally take direct control of the object of America's
Middle East obsession, the glittering prize that
blinds us to the humanity of the people who own it:
the future of the dwindling global oil supply, the
secret to the economic domination of the planet."

Come the revolution
by Peter Hartcher in the Finanical Review, March 11th
"69 per cent of fundamentalist Christians in the US
favour the war on Iraq, some 10 to 15 per cent more
than in the general population, according to a poll of
1200 voters last month by the group Stand for Israel.
But as with the US oil industry and the defence lobby
- reported yesterday in the first part of this series
- America's fundamentalist Christians do not need
Bush's war on Iraq to persuade them to vote for him.
They are already his. Bush has made some limited moves
against abortion, and proposes giving federal money to
religious-run social programs, both wildly popular
causes with the Christian Right. The Israel lobby is
another matter. The Israel lobby in the US and the
Jewish American vote are not automatic Republican
supporters. Indeed, both have favoured Bush's enemy,
the Democrats. But they like Bush's war on Iraq. The
Israel lobby, like the Israeli government itself,
supports the military confrontation of Iraq."

The story reaches the depths of DRUDGE!
Buchanan Charges Neocons With 'Warmongering'
in the Drudge Report, March 11th 2003
"In this week's AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE, editor Pat
Buchanan issues a controversial, 5000-word indictment
of the 'War Party' of Bennett, Kristol, Podhoretz and
Richard Perle. The magazine will hit newsstands and
bookstores tomorrow. With quotes and citations,
Buchanan alleges: 'War Party' ideas and plans for an
attack on Iraq had been 'in preparation far in advance
of 9/11, and when President Bush was looking for a new
front,' the neocons 'put their precooked meal in front
of him. And Bush dug into it.' Richard Perle wrote a
paper urging Israeli PM Netanyahu to dump the Oslo
Peace Accords and target Iraq -- five years before

Whose War?
by Patrick J. Buchanan in The American Conservative,
March 24th 2003 Edition
"Suddenly, the Israeli connection is on the table, and
the War Party is not amused. Finding themselves in an
unanticipated firefight, our neoconservative friends
are doing what comes naturally, seeking student
deferments from political combat by claiming the
status of a persecuted minority group. People who
claim to be writing the foreign policy of the world
superpower, one would think, would be a little more
manly in the schoolyard of politics. Not so."

Who holds the Power in the White house - Sharon or
by Mesbahuddin Faruq in Bangladesh-Web, Msrch 2003
An article which includes an interesting analysis of
the orgins of the 1991 Gulf War
"Richard Parle recently appeared on a TV interview
with the BBC. He maintained that there would be no
violation of the UN Charter if the US invades Iraq
without the approval of the Security Council. He
contended that US invasion of Iraq would be solely for
self-defence purpose. Elliot Cohen, another Sharonist,
propounded in a debate that doing nothing against Iraq
is a greater crime than doing something. With all
these rhetorics from the Sharonists, surronding the US
presidency, it leads anyone to ponder who is the real
power behind the US presidency?"

The ‘pro-Israel’ lobby
by Michael Kinsley, Founding Editor Slate MSB
"According to this Web site, the Zionist lobby is,
like most political conspiracies, a set of concentric
circles within circles. The two innermost circles are
known as the “President’s Cabinet” and the “Chairman’s
Council.” Members allegedly “take part in special
events with members of Congress in elegant Washington
locations,” “participate in private conference calls,”
and attend an annual “national summit... And who is
behind this Web site? Who is spreading the
anti-Semitic canard that Jews and Zionists influence
American policy in the Middle East, including Iraq? It
is a group calling itself the America-Israel Public
Affairs Committee, or AIPAC”

Feral News Weblog Articles

'The Country' loves the War     Israel's War     A
Blackmail Chain?     A Tale of Two Rules

Breaking the Silence on the Israel Lobby    Watch your
Dollars Fly By

The slogan 'No Blood for Oil' is a distraction

ALL oppressive western policy in the Middle East
over the last 50 years has been 'about oil'

This war is about something additional...

Here's a more useful slogan:


Rebuttals and Critiques of the thesis
Powell: U.S. Policy Not Israeli Motivated in The
Guardian, March 13th 2003

"Secretary of State Colin Powell flatly rejected on
Thursday any suggestion that the Bush administration's
confrontation with Iraq was engineered by Israel or
American Jews."

'Is It Good for the Jews?' by Bill Keller in The New
York Times, March 8th 2003

"Maybe we're all a little too desperate these days for
a simple formula to explain how our safe world came
unhinged. That, as much as anything, may explain one
of the more enduring conspiracy theories of the
moment, the notion that we are about to send a quarter
of a million American soldiers to war for the sake of

Realated articles in the explicitly Jewish media
The Iraq crisis as the War of the Jews by Bradley
Burston of Haaretz, March 2003
Foreign Ministry mobilizes to confront 'theory' Jews
behind push for Iraq war by Ellis Shuman in
IsraelInsider, March 12th 2003
U.S. Jewish groups blast lawmaker for linkng Jews and
Iraq war in Haaretz, March 11th 2003
How to win World War IV by Norman Podhoretz in
Commentary Magazine, February 2002

Historical material on Zionist plans for a 'Greater
The Zionist Plan for the Middle East, a translation by
Israel Shahak
of Oded Yinon's 1982 'A Strategy for Israel in the
Nineteen Eighties'

A complimentary theory: War against the Euro?
Defending the less-than-almighty US Dollar
The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq:
A Macroeconomic and Geo-strategic Analysis of the
Unspoken Truth
by William Clark in Media Monitors Network
America's war against Europe
by Paul Harris in

The UN Double-Standard
Is the U.N. 'irrelevant' with regard to Israel too?
by Matthew Riemer in

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