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Re: [casi] Regarding 'Testimony of the Iraqi Doctor' ---- Give me a break!

Dear list,
I have been reading the on-going argument for a few days now and have
to say that the attitude of Mr. Zeilweger is very common now in
America.  A year ago I really had no opinion either way about politics
and was actually very confused.  My curiosity kicked in when I became
increasingly uncomfortable with Bush and his choice of words when
making a speech.
  I started asking questions in search for facts.  I found there to be
no room for debate with people that share the same views as Zeilweger .
I also found a certain anger that came along with these beliefs.  For
Zeilweger to say that he has been completely sincere and honest  and
then to use insults repeatedly is, I feel, a result of america's
"hollywood" propaganda and fear tactics.  This mentality has become a
disease that does not allow anyone to learn or form their own opinions.
Instead we are forced to take sides, either you're with us or you are
the enemy.
For anyone to express an anger to another about their beliefs based on
peace and love is frightening.  This is the mentality that Bush & Co
bank on.
I would just like to say that I am just an average American woman that
stumbled upon this list and has learned a great deal.   I was in search
of facts and found this list to be open, honest and intelligent.   This
list gave me the room to find my own opinion without using a
threatening or angry tone.  This list has brought hope to a rather
bleak situation here for me.  If an american such as myself can see
through the intense propaganda and find a group that values human life,
such as CASI does, then maybe we all can come together and help to heal
the anger.


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