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[casi] Pure Bullshit - Return to Sender!

To the List - and to Gate-crashing "Guest", Darin.

As even the most naive of us should know, this List is subject to
infiltration. A while ago, one visitor was, almost certainly, an agent of
the Israeli government. This time, someone from the far right, possibly of
fascist persuasion. Even Elga, who ought to know better, in a display of
almost 'saintly' tolerance, is partly, taken in: "You have actually done
extremely well on CASI." Perhaps, though, we are offered a learning
opportunity, however unpleasant the challenge.

To someone of Darin's 'persuasion', concepts such as 'peace' or 'love' are
luxuries we can do well without. What values, then, would he approve of? It
doesn't take a genius to work out what the opposites of love/peace are.
Having, accidentally, slipped onto this site on a banana skin, he makes it
clear that he cherishes warfare, is anti-NGO, anti-UN, anti-peace movement,
anti-intellectual, anti-Communist, in fact, anti- just about everything,
including manners. I don't know whether he is deranged (I'm no
psychiatrist), but wouldn't preclude it. He is, most certainly, seriously
disturbed and may hold fellow humans in utter contempt. Then, whether as an
angry loner, or as organised representative of some shady, far-right/fascist
movement, his real agenda, despite some giveaway clues, is nothing if not
hidden. Darin may hate Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein & Pol
Pot (of Cambodian 'Year Zero' notoriety), but - in a wider sense - he is,
very much, in league with all of these, and others.

Does Darin get his 'inspiration' from "Unite with the Right" publications,
such as 'FrontPage Magazine' ("Zionism is a national liberation movement" or
a left-wing group is accused of "condescendingly implying that our President
is dumb, a warmonger and an imperialist.")? By the way, 'FrontPage' has an
article denouncing Leslie Cagan! - My feeling is that if Darin's
associates/leaders drummed into him that the population of the Canary
Islands were a dangerous threat, he would implicitly follow, and see it as
his sacred duty to combat those forces of evil on the accursed Canary

We need to be alert to the Darins, of this world, who - in various guises -
appear, from time-to-time, on this site. We should never be caught off guard
by their agent provocateur tactics, nor take the bait held out by them,
bearing in mind their destructive motivations.

Finally, some "dingbat" words of advice to Darin (which he may sneer at - I
hope not): search your own mind, question your own, deeply embedded, dogmas,
then see if you can take interest in the pursuit of truth, rather than the
usual bullshit. Unless you'd rather persist in remaining a curse to the
world, and - not least - yourself. Don't, ever again, allow all your hurts &
pains, from the past, to corrupt & warp your mind! Today, as they say, is
the first day of the rest of your life!


Bert Gedin.

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