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Re: [casi] Regarding 'Testimony of the Iraqi Doctor' ---- Give me a break! wrote:
> In a message dated 8/15/03 5:21:15 AM Central Daylight Time,
> writes:
>> Especially the ones that boast this 'holier
>> than thou, peace & love' bullshit.

> If you had any sincere intention to engage the individuals on
> this list in honest dialogue you perhaps would understand how we
> have arrived at our conclusions.

I hope you feel better now.

Don't be fooled...  I have been overwhelmingly sincere and completely
honest in everything I have said.  If my use of the word 'bullshit'
upset your neat and tidy little world of university life then I can only
suggest that you get out a bit more.  That being said, I still stand by
what I said... these radical 'peace & love' groups, such as 'United for
Peace and Justice', are pure bullshit.

It must be difficult for individuals, such as yourself, to pony up to
reality.  I can understand the hesitation and emotional frustration in
doing so, but sooner or later, you'll have to accept facts and move on
with your life.  To deny the facts.... to defy reality.... is, in
essence, a major sign of mental illness.  Then, of course, would be the
other modus operandi... the one who couldn't care less about the facts
or reality... the one who operates from an anti-establishment agenda.

So, which are you then?  Are you mentally ill or do you have a hidden

> Roger Stroope
> Northern Arizona University
> Flagstaff USA

That you are in a trusted position to exert influence over American
youth is of great concern to me.

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