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[casi] Regarding 'Testimony of the Iraqi Doctor' ---- Give me a break!

Give me a break.

That 'Occupation Watch' web site operates under the auspices of the
radical 'United for Peace and Justice' anti-war group.  That isn't all,

'United for Peace and Justice' is headed by Leslie Cagan, a Sixties
Marxist with a long history of supporting Communist causes. She was a
member of the Venceremos Brigades organized by Cuban Intelligence. She
was a member of the Committees for Correspondence, a faction of the
Communist Party USA, and she is co-chair of the National Network on Cuba
an organization whose purpose is propaganda and political support for
the Castro dictatorship.

Just last Februrary or so, Leslie Cagan threatened sabotage with her
organized anti-war protests: "If marches do not work, we will escalate.
We will have to do things to disrupt the normal flow of life in this

In otherwords, Leslie Cagan is a communist nutcase.    Any information
coming out of her, any of her organizations, or any organization she (or
her organizations) are affiliated with I take with a grain of salt.
Zero Value -> Zero Meaning.

For you young folks out there, I would be very careful with what groups
you get involved with (My brief visits at C.A.S.I. have already set off
a number of red flags).  Especially the ones that boast this 'holier
than thou, peace & love' bullshit.  These are morbid, yet age-old
tactics, to exploit the idealism and naivete of youth so that they may
be used to serve, unknowingly, an underlying agenda....  there is more
going on, behind the scenes, that they don't tell you, nor do they want
you to know.

--Darin Zeilweger

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