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Re: [casi] You have been scammed. Move on people!!!

Colin Rowat wrote:
> What is the relative importance of these two half questions -
> supporting Saddam and helping Iraqis?  I will not try to offer an
> answer to this, but do think that the balance implied by Albright in
> her famous claim that the deaths of a half million Iraqi children
> were 'worth the price', is very widely viewed as abhorrent.

Well, I always viewed that as human error.  I don't mean to sound like
I'm insulting her, but lets face it, she made a stupid mistake by
answering a rigged question.  It was an especially stupid mistake
because rigged questions are asked quite frequently by the press in the
world of politics and she should have known better.

That being said, when Leslie Stahl asked her "blah..blah..blah... Do you
think it was worth it?", she was asking Albright a rigged question.
Whether Albright answered 'Yes' or 'No' she would have erroneously
'confirmed' that 500,000 children had died.

Since Albright was at the interview to begin with as an 'advocate' of
current U.S. foreign policy in Iraq, she made a grievous mistake by
answering that rigged question.  What she should have done is answered
the question put to her by Stahl with another question.  A question that
challenged both the the data *and* the source of that data.

Since that big shing-ding in 1996, Madelyn Albright has certainly caught
a whirlwind of flak for it.  She has made sincere apologies for her
error all across the U.S. and after the one I saw several years ago,
there is no doubt that she was sincere.  It all boils down to this:  An
old lady basically fucked up by answering a rigged question.  Give her a
break,  Let it go.  And move on...

--Darin Zeilweger

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