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Re: [casi] You have been scammed. Move on people!!!

Mark.Galloway wrote:
> Thank you for your posting to CASI. As someone who has been closely
> involved in Iraq for both business and personal reasons since 1978, I
> can assure you that I have not been "suckered".

Well, I think you have been suckered.  In part, at least.  Maybe, too,
you are some radical leftist individual who wanted to believe Saddam
Hussein, in so far as you have the same foe, the U.S.

> For many, the transition from anti-sanctions to anti-war was seemingly
> automatic

I see.  C.A.S.I., then, is an elite group of radical left-wing dingbats
who essentially believed that the solution to Saddam Hussein was to let
him 'out of the box'.  What a brilliant crew.  Don't get me wrong, I'm
sure they are all wonderfully nice people.  Just so long as they aren't
in charge of foreign policy... or in charge, period.

> No doubt many have also "moved on." I certainly have insofar as the
> two offices we planned to open in June 1990 are now up and running.
> Your message does not say where you come from. If you are American,
> perhaps you would like to assist the "moving on" process and ask your
> government on behalf of the staff we have in Iraq for:
> Security and restoration of a semblance of law and order
> Electricity
> Telecommunications
> Water
> New passports
> Restoration of at least some basic administrative functions which are
> still badly lacking

The US/UK/etc... is fully aware of the above and has made progress on
all counts.  As you know, they are still working on it, too.  Thank your
personal child slayer hero, Baba Saddam, and a mish mesh of terrorist
scumbags for any setbacks.

> The Geneva Conventions impose obligations on the US/UK as occupiers.
> Unless those obligations are performed, most of the freedoms gained
> appear to be entirely meaningless.

Remember when I first said that 'maybe' you are a radical lefty?  I take
the 'maybe' part back.

> Yours sincerely,
> Mark Galloway

Very Truly Yours,

--Darin Zeilweger

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