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[casi] On the Verge of a Great Defeat?

On the Verge of a Great Defeat?
Blowback in Iraq

August 14, 2003 Counterpunch

The Bush/Cheney administration's military invasion of Iraq
could become
the greatest military defeat in United States' history. U.S.
troops are
being attacked daily by increasingly diverse forces in a
guerrilla war. Since the U.S. and Britain did a preemptive
invasion of
Iraq against the advice and vocal opposition of most of the
nations and
peoples of the world, it presents a tremendous problem in
getting any
help from those who "told us so". The desperation of the
U.S. military
plight in Iraq was very clear when General Ricardo Sanchez,
the U.S.
commander in Iraq, commented on the daily casualties of U.S.
soldiers in
the guerrilla war. General Sanchez said, "Every American
needs to
believe this: that if we fail here in this environment, the
battlefield will be the streets of America."

Fighting in "the streets of America " is typical Bush/Cheney
fear-mongering hyperbole. It echoes the top down use of the
fear factor
by the Bushies. Paul Bremer, the top U.S. civilian
administrator in Iraq
recently said, "I would rather be fighting them here than
fighting them
in New York". Such scare tactics are reminiscent of Bush's
admonitions of Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" and his
justification of attacking Iraq to "prevent another 9/11".
although no "ties to Al Qaeda" have ever been proven
regarding Saddam
Hussein's regime as alleged by the Bush/Cheney regime, the
bumbling U.S.
war machine has managed to unite the opposite extremes of
Islam against
the U.S. in Iraq.

Fundamentalist Islamic factions are slipping into Iraq and
joining with
Saddam's secularists in a serious and tactically feasible
efforts to
drive out the U.S. occupiers. U.S. war policy has been led
by a cabal of
self-absorbed neo-Zionist and/or neo-cons, and that further
the resolve of Zionist hating, Islamic militant leaders who
sense they
now have the mightiest military force in world history
trapped, just
where they want them, in the kind of a war they just might
win in Iraq.

On August 13, Neil MacFarquhar of the NY Times reported that
American occupation of Iraq is causing a "rising tide of
militants " to come into Iraq to drive out the infidels in
the same way
the Russian invasion and occupation of Afghanistan stirred
an earlier
generation of young Muslims. Surrounded by Islamic states,
Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the Muslim militants
are able to
come across the borders into Iraq quite easily because there
is no way
for them to be policed. The Times report said that a
group with links to Al Qaeda known as Ansar al-Islam is the
backbone of
a underground network that brings fundamentalist fighters
into Iraq and
moves them into position to attack American soldiers as well
as Iraqis
they believe to be working with Americans.

Mullah Mustapha Kreikar, who is considered the spiritual
leader of Ansar
al-Islam told the Lebanese satellite channel, LBC, that the
fight in
Iraq against the U.S. occupation would be the culmination of
all Muslim
efforts since the demise of the Ottoman Empire when the
caliphate collapsed in the early twentieth century. Mullah
Kreikar said,
"There is no difference between this occupation and the
occupation of Afghanistan in 1979". It appears the chickens
are now
coming home roost because it was the United States' CIA that
led the
efforts in recruiting Muslim militants, including a young
citizen of
Saudi Arabia named Osama Bin Laden, to go to Afghanistan and
drive out
the Soviet occupation forces.

We have convenient memories when it comes to our long term
with Iraq and the Islamic peoples who are uniting to drive
our occupying
forces out of Iraq. The people of the United States are
caught up in a
live-for-the-moment, let's-all-get-rich-quick culture where
politics is
controlled by sound bites and measured by overnight polling.
We do not
want to face up to the stark reality of our long-term use of
Machiavellian tactics and betrayals to manipulate Iraq and
other nations
in the area to control their governments and gain access to
their oil
reserves. The everyday people of Iraq may not want Saddam
Hussein to be
their leader anymore, but they are even more united and
passionate about
not wanting the United States to control and occupy their
country for
its oil.

The majority of the Iraqi people know that the U.S.
supported Saddam
Hussein and helped furnish all kinds of terrible chemical
and biological
weapons to his regime in the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s. The
people know that in the first Gulf War the U.S. engaged in
devastating destruction of the life-sustaining
infrastructure of Iraq,
including the bombing of multi-purpose dams and sanitation
that resulted in the deaths of many thousands of Iraqis.
Iraqis know we
dropped depleted uranium warheads on Iraq in that war and
also in the
most recent war this year which has contaminated their land
and caused
thousands of deaths from cancer. Iraqis are also a bit
unhappy with
Americans because they realize that U.S. instigated economic
that probably caused the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi people.

More than anything, the American people need to know why we
are on the
brink of suffering the greatest military defeat in U.S.

Tom Turnipseed is an attorney, writer, and radio talk show
host in
Columbia, South Carolina .

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