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[casi] !OT? US: Cultural fascism :: what should be on topic?

>on Iraq - but my interpretation of its spirit is that it >requires
direct relevance to humanitarian needs in Iraq.

That's a possible approach, and one with some good arguments for it. Do
you see this as primarily reporting, or also for forming policies of

>My own preference here would be for those list members >interested in
deeper analysis to start a list devoted to >this.  This could be done by
setting up such a list, and >asking interested list members to join it.

I don't have the resources to do that, but would gladly support and join
in if such a list were created by someone (anyone want to volunteer?).

>it can be quiet inconvenient even to access them.  >Deleting messages on
my laptop then takes some time - and >these seconds add up.


>One solution would be for me simply to leave the CASI >list; this is
what many long-standing members of the list <have done recently.  I would
prefer not to do this, and

I would also prefer you did not do that. I don't know how many members
have left as a result of the sanctions situation changing (I won't say
"lifted" because in practical terms much of the ill effect is still
present), or how many because of varying posts, but if an adjunct list is
created some of those may return. (I assume an announcement message could
be sent to former members).

One possibility: I have recently signed on to
the Iraq Action Coalition Discussion Forum, which is considerably broader
in scope from what I have seen.

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Possibly this list could serve the purpose, but I am not familiar with it
enough to know if they would appreciate an onslught of new list members,
and would think that the moderator there should be consulted. Does anyone
here who is also active on that list have insight on this?

>Best wishes, and thank you for your understanding - and
Thank you. There must be some way of organizing these different foci.

concern!  This is going to be a long fight.

Meaning in Iraq, I assume, and not on the list. :)

Yes: long term planning is appropriate -- and yet the current deadly
crisis can't be neglected.

Incidentally, noting you have expertise in economics it occurred to me
that the US corporations have long been shipping manufacturing jobs
overseas where labor is cheaper. I'm guessing that somewhere there are
plans in the works, assuming Iraq stabilizes under US control, to set up
manufacturing plants in Iraq, perhaps under the "free-trade zone"
rhetoric, to exploit cheap labor and reduced environmental controls.  Any
thoughts on this?

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