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[casi] Take Bush, Blair, and Rumsfeld alive!

Take Saddam Hussein Alive? Yes! I agree. But, as a pacifist,
I'd like to take Bush, Blair, and Rumsfeld alive, too.



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2003. 8. 12. PM 10:19
Subject: U.S. Should Take Saddam Hussein Alive

U.S. Should Take Saddam Hussein Alive

(New York, August 12, 2003) - The U.S. government should
take Saddam Hussein into custody if at all possible and make
him stand trial, rather than killing him, Human Rights Watch
said today.

In a letter sent August 8, Human Rights Watch urged U.S.
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to state publicly that
the United States wants the former Iraqi president to face
charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity before an
independent and impartial tribunal. According to media
reports, senior U.S. officials, including Secretary Rumsfeld
and Vice-President Dick Cheney, have been discussing whether
it might be preferable to kill Saddam Hussein rather than
capture him alive. Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, head of the
Coalition Provisional Authority, has also told journalists
that U.S. forces do not want to take Saddam Hussein alive.

"Putting Saddam Hussein on trial will be complicated, but it
has to be done," said Kenneth Roth, executive director of
Human Rights Watch. "You don't build respect for the rule of
law by choosing to kill someone, no matter how heinous their
crimes, because it's the easier thing to do."

Human Rights Watch said that any decision to kill Saddam
Hussein as an alternative to capturing him alive may well
violate international humanitarian law.

"Even in an armed confrontation, the United States would
have to respect any offer of surrender that Saddam Hussein
might make," Roth said.

If it's not a combat situation, then policing rules apply,
and U.S. forces can only use lethal force when necessary to
avert an imminent threat to the life of themselves or

The letter to Rumsfeld can be found at:

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