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Re: [casi] You have been scammed. Move on people!!!

--- Darin Zeilweger <> wrote:
> Look Folks,
> I came across this site by sheer accident and I
> could not believe what I
> saw.  I hate to be the one to tell you this but
> Saddam Hussein has
> suckered you people.  And from what I can tell, for
> quite a long time.
> What I don't get is how you folks could so easily
> believe the sanctions
> propaganda spewed by Saddam's Baath Party.
No - we believe that facts 'spewed' out by the Iraqi
> There have been been plenty of clues:
> 1.  Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party's reputation,
> track record, and
> credibility itself.
We get our information from other sources - this is
> 2.  The debunked FAO report of 1995.
> 3.  The debunked WHO report of 1996.
> 4.  The 1999 UNICEF Report.  Did you ever bother
> reading the footnotes
> to that study?  Saddams Baath Party was heavily
> involved in every aspect
> of that study... which was the main reason the 1995
> and 1996 reports
> were 'debunked'.  Why was everybody so eager to put
> so much weight on,
> and unquestionably rely on, a UNICEF report?
> Because it is politically
> incorrect to challenge the, what some think as
> noble, but actually
> corrupt and beaurocratic U.N.?  Here is a link to
> the footnotes of the
> 1999 UNICEF report, straight from the horses mouth:
Because it relfects what many here have seen with
their own eyes. We didn't need to read the report -
any of us could have written it.

No matter how much you insist the Iraqi government was
too involved in the reports, the fact remains that
many of us oppose the sanctions because we have seen
the effect of the sanctions for ourselves.

Yes - the Iraqi government was involved. That doesn't
mean that UNICEF would give them the chance to
manipulate the figures (and the Iraqi government
didn't need to).
It doesn't stop the fact that the US/UK governments
sanctioned basic medical supplies, anti-biotics and
anti-cancer drugs. It doesn't stop the fact that the
US/UK governments sanctioned chemicals for water
The effect was inevitable (Tom Nagy can also show that
the US/UK governments knew this and didn't care - or
their objective was to kill Iraqi children)
> I'll quote a couple of critical sections from the
> above link:
No need - we've all read it.

The point is that SH is not responsible for
EVERYTHING, as the US/UK govts keep saying.

I think you need to look up what exactly wasn't
avaliable in Iraq at the time. I can't do this subject
justice but I'm sure Ghazwan can.

> 5.  Reports coming out of the 'baby parades' being a
> big farce.
> In June of 2002,
> In May of 2003,
> 6.  Where the hell are the mass baby
> graves??????????
They were burried by their families, as you would
> 7.  Now if this doesn't open your eyes then I don't
> what will.  I refer
> now to an article titled:
> "Confessions of an Anti-Sanctions Activist" by by
> Charles M. Brown
> at:
> I will paste the whole article for you to read:
Why? Do you really think anybody here hasn't already
read and debunked it?

Alun Harford

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