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re: [casi] Critics of US policy are racist, says Rice

Dear All,

I'm in a mood, so here goes.

For a long time I have linked any unprovoked aggression, whether it be a
hateful word or out-right war, to be racist. There is little doubt in my
mind that the war with Iraq was partly based on racism. The ignorance led
the Americans (who agreed to the war) to accept what was fed to them. But
the racism put the nail in the coffin.

For Rice to claim we are racist for not "agreeing* with admin policy is
absurd. Since when has peace become associated with something as hateful as
racism? I had no idea all the work we were doing to prevent murders,
destruction, rape, homelessness, anarchy, disease and hunger was against
U.S. policy.

Speaking of which, the 62 year old woman who was fined $10,000 for going
into Iraq to help save lives did the right thing. Charging her with a fine
for being a "good american" or one that the U.S. hopes to show the world as
"american" was terribly hypocritcal.

And when did the Iraqis ask to be saved - this way. Please - "levelled a
charge of racism against critics of the US drive to bring Western freedoms
to the Middle East." Forced democracy is freedom? She should be ashamed of
herself for saying such stupid things, sorry. There is only room for one


Hi all,

An article from my "Library of Political Psychopathology":

"Critics of US policy are racist, says Rice"

That's poison to have its deadly effects very soon - if not stopped by those
willing to go ENERGETICALLY & INFORMEDLY on a debunking mission.

As evidenced by e.g. her speeches Rice IS a minor and tunnel-visioned
intellect, but her emotional disposition and force of will driving her into
over-identification with her perceived "superiors" are eclipsing anything
else in her personality profile - thus making her one of the closest matches
to the former MK ULTRA creatures.

Starring: A new, self-mutilating - black - model.

Aye then, let's sink the USS Concolezza - with "loose lips" ...



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