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Re: [casi] Iraq: 100 Days Of 'Peace'

Shoot first ask question later. This law of the jungle was legitimized by
the CPA order No. 17 published by the CPA.

"Section 2
Coalition and Foreign Liaison Mission Personnel
1) CPA, Coalition Forces and Foreign Liaison Mission, their property, funds
and assets of
shall be immune from Iraqi Legal Process.

2) All Coalition personnel and Foreign Liaison Mission personnel shall
respect the Iraqi
laws applicable to those Coalition personnel and Foreign Liaison Mission
personnel in
the territory of Iraq and the Regulations, Orders, Memoranda and Public
Notices issued
by the Administrator of the CPA.

3) Foreign Liaison Mission personnel shall be immune from Legal Process.

4) All Coalition personnel shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of
their Parent States and, they shall be immune from local criminal, civil,
and administrative jurisdiction and from any form of arrest or detention
other than by persons acting on behalf of their Parent States, except that
nothing in this provision shall prevent Coalition Forces personnel from
preventing acts of serious misconduct by Coalition personnel, or
otherwise temporarily detaining Coalition personnel who pose a risk of
injury to
themselves or others, pending expeditious turnover to the appropriate
authorities of the
Parent State. In all such circumstances the national contingent commander of
detained person shall be notified immediately.

5) In respect of those Coalition personnel who commit an act or acts in Iraq
for which there are no criminal sanctions in the Parent State, the CPA may
request from the Parent State waiver of jurisdiction to try such act or acts
under Iraqi law. In such cases, no Legal
Process shall be commenced without the written permission of the
Administrator of the

When they have such immunity who cares about "reasonable response"

The only freedom I see is the “coalition” freedom to do any thing and every
thing with total IMPUNITY!

Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar
Baghdad, Occupied Iraq

>Subject: Re: [casi] Iraq: 100 Days Of 'Peace'
>Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003 21:56:26 EDT
>On Sat, 09 Aug 2003 04:17:27 -0400 writes:
> >Iraq: 100 days of 'peace'
> >Casualties
> >
> >    * 57 US troops, 11 British troops killed since 1 May
> >    * 35 allied troops died in accidents,
> >    * 3 possible suicides, 3 drowned
> >    * 1,000 children injured by unexploded ordnance
> >    * 15 to 25 civilians shot dead daily in Baghdad
> >    * 1 UK journalist shot dead
>I see this today:
>Jamie Wilson, Baghdad
>Saturday August 9, 2003
>The Guardian =
>US snipers shot dead two Iraqis and injured at least two others they
>claimed were selling weapons at a street market in Saddam Hussein's home
>town, Tikrit, yesterday.
>It happened after senior officers said they were scaling down the
>iron-fisted way their forces have been policing the country, which has
>alienated even moderate Iraqis.
>Snipers were placed around the market in Tikrit after the Americans heard
>that weapons and ammunition were sold there every Friday, Lieutenant
>Colonel Steve Russell of the 22nd Infantry Regiment said.
>Witnesses said women ran screaming from the market after shots rang out
>and a man unloading AK-47 assault rifles from the back of a red car fell
>to the ground.
>A second man was shot in the head and died at the scene. One of the
>wounded men escaped and the other was taken for treatment at a nearby
>It seems that the men were not given a warning or a chance to surrender.
>"We did not give them the chance to engage," Col Russell said, standing
>next to a cache of weapons and ammunition laid out on a tarpaulin.
>He showed identity cards which, he said, linked the men to old regime.
>"When people pick up weapons and carry them freely they become combatants
>and we will engage them," he added.
>"I think we sent out a strong message today that you cannot walk around
>the streets with weapons."
>It was an unfortunate start to the new "softly softly" approach the US
>commanders claim to be adopting.
>Actually, the message this sends is that the rules imposed by the US in
>Iraq is to shoot people down at will, and to hell with law (except the
>"law of the jungle"). It also sends the message that one should carry
>their weapons concealed, engage in resisting in secret, and never trust
>what the enemy says. It send the message that the US intends to rule
>through terror. It is also apparant that the new rules say that killing
>the innocent or civilians is not to be considered as being a serious
>This is the sort of "liberation" the Nazis brought. As such, all
>Americans, British, or those working with or for them in Iraq are the
>enemy and part of the evil empire, are now legitimate targets for the
>Iraqi resistance. It had been said during the American revolution that
>the price of liberty is the blood of patriots; it seems that is as true
>for Iraqi patriots. What a shame!
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