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[casi] Meet the real Walter Mitty

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Don't go to the url on a full stomach ..
 Published on Friday, August 8, 2003 by
Sick But True. KB Toys Has Just Released...
Elite Force Aviator:
George W. Bush - U.S. President and Naval Aviator
12" Action Figure
Price: $39.99 Pre-order: Available 09/15/03

BBI proudly introduces the latest issue in its Elite Force series of
authentic military 12- inch figures, President George W. Bush in naval
aviator flight uniform. Exacting in detail and fully equipped with authentic
gear, this limited-edition action figure is a meticulous 1:6 scale
recreation of the Commander-in-Chief's appearance during his historic
Aircraft Carrier landing. On May 1, 2003, President Bush landed on the USS
Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) in the Pacific Ocean, and officially declared the
end to major combat in Iraq. While at the controls of an S-3B Viking
aircraft from the "Blue Sea Wolves" of Sea Control Squadron Three Five
(VS-35), designated "Navy 1," he overflew the carrier before handing it over
to the pilot for landing. Attired in full naval aviator flight equipment,
the President then took the salute on the deck of the carrier.
This fully poseable figure features a realistic head sculpt, fully detailed
cloth flight suit, helmet with oxygen mask, survival vest, g-pants,
parachute harness and much more. The realism and exacting attention to
detail demanded by today's 12-inch action figure enthusiast are met and
exceeded with this action figure. This incredibly detailed figure is a
fitting addition to the collection of those interested in U.S. history,
military memorabilia and toy action figures. Actual figure may vary slightly
from item shown.
KB Toys wants to know what you think of their new action figure.
Let them know by clicking here.

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