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Re: [casi] FW: David Aaronovitch,Sunday August 3, 2003, The Observer

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yes, muhamad, there is a santa claus.
i have had it all wrong.
 i, emotionally challenged, have not been able to digest nor properly
classify sanctions and occupation as beneficial to the iraqis.
 i should have immediately grasped, were i not lazy of intellect, that the
"ingleez" and the "amarcain" come to iraq bearing gifts of culture and humanism
hitherto unknown in the middle east.
 i should have  been able to affirm that the loss of a generation of iraqi
children was "worth it", and the fact that this horrible state continues is
indeed a confirmation that iraq is "inching to peace".
 i should have accepted, were i not "intellectually corrupt", that iraqis are
thankful that they are being killed by depleted uranium and "incendiary
bombs", cruise missiles and f-16's instead of weapons of mass destruction.
stupidly, i neglected to intellectualize and justify the differing means of killing...
beats being killed by a baseball bat.
 i should have realized more maturely that terrorizing the iraqis and
suspending their rights of free assembly, free speech and and protection from
unlawful entry by occupying forces are only temporary extensions of saddam's modus
 i just didn't get it. i apologize to mali and to david aaronovitch for not
being as precient as they.... all this time that i wasted being unenlightened.
i shall realign my emotional , moral and rational compass to the enlightened
west, shining so brightly and intrepidly.
 if only i can visit the tomb of nuri e'saeed.
 perhaps if i pay tribute in earnest to the houses of sabah and saud, i will
then arrive at some relief from the angst of having missed all that mali and
aaronovitch so astutely understood.

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