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[casi] Evil miracles (as described by Felicity) and wonderful ones

Dear Colleagues,

     My compliments to Felicity Arbuthnot for her short piece and longer piece
on the totally implausible and destructive "miracles" by the US/UK gangs
(governments)   attempting to damage a true hero of the anti-sanctions
movement and now of the anti-looting of Iraq movement, George Galloway, M.P.
The evil "miracles" she describes with wit and brilliance operate to  divert
the world's attention from the enormity of the the gang's  on-going crimes
against humanity.

     Now for a happy miracle of far smaller scale. I wish to thank all who
have offered me kind words of support  about my sabbatical in Canada -- a most
wonderful  miracle if ever there was one.  MacMaster is the sort of real
university that in a sane world would be  commonplace,  everywhere, even in
the U.S., particularly  during  the present crisis exascerbated by the US's
endangerment of all the world's children by its passive,  continued killing of
Iraqi kids through  placing the priority of provision of safe water so far
below the looting of the oil. (In addition trying to mix military operations
with "humanitarian" work is proving to be the disaster forecast by all the
serious NGOs not on the Pentagon's payroll.)

     The only thing the American Viceroy of Iraq seems to have placed  a lower
priority on than safe water for all in Iraqi is establishing baseball as the
new national sport of Iraq. Doesn't  the Vicroy have children or
grandchildren? Surely he has nephews and nices. How can he play with his
children and remain so stoiclly indifferent to the lives of Iraqi children?

      Read in the Globe and Mail yesterday that baby (mental not chronological
age) Bush has declared that indeed the U.S. faces emminent attack (I guess he
meant from sources other than the Office of Homeland Security and other
shredders of the Bill of Rights). Then the story continued, Bush II left for a
month's vacation. This does not compute.
Perhaps the reporter was too kind to speculate on the incompatibility of
emminent threat and leaving for a month of vacation...

      Working hard but with renewed energy and hope from Hamilton,


p.s. please note my new email address:

p.p.s. Am I the first unofficial refugee from the hysteria and witchhunting
in the US? Nevermind. Until we change things, there will be more. Canada,
Europe and other civilized places please take us in. Perhaps we can learn from
you and return to the US fortified in effective nonviolent tools for achieving
peace through justice. Will send the list my syllabus on "Using Computer to
Advance Peace Rather than War" soon in the hope of getting helpful criticism
and to learn what I left out.

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. of Expert Systems
George Washington Univeristy Sch. of Business & Public Mgt.
Washington, D.C. 20052

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