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Re: [casi] "A Swede Called Rolf Ekeus"

>Bush's Top WMD Inspector David Kay is NOT a scientist
of any kind<

David Kay was NOT the only WMD inspector who was NOT a
None of the “famous” heads of UNSCOM was a scientist:
Not Rolf Ekeus, nor Richard Butler nor Hans Blix...
Neither was Scott Ritter a scientist. Those are the
ones we know of. How many of the rest are scientists??

I did not notice in the article any mention of the
role David Kay played in creating the crisis over the
Ministry of Agriculture in 1992. At that time, Kay
insisted on inspecting that Ministry, accusing Iraq of
hiding documents of its weapons programs in that
Ministry. Iraq refused, and Kay brought his “herd” of
inspectors and camped in front of the Ministry, to
prevent Iraq of smuggling these documents out. And the
media gave him the coverage he needed.. Kay was
eventually allowed to enter and inspect the Ministry,
but the same attention was not given by the media to
the fact that nothing was found there..

Rolf Ekeus did the same thing. He accused Iraq of
replacing the Russian made motors for the Scuds with
ones locally made, destroying the replacements and
keeping the originals. Iraq denied that and was ready
to submit the destroyed motors, retrieved from their
locations, to inspections. At that, Ekeus insisted
that the motors be inspected in the US, which Iraq
refused, and wanted Russia, the manufacturer of those
motors to inspect them. Ekeus rejected that. The
stalemate was solved by letting the inspections be
carried out by a Swiss company. The media again did
not report the finding: that those missile motors were
the original ones. Ekeus lied, but offered no apology.

Ritter did the same with the Presidential Palaces, and
we know the story. But I guess no one wants Ritter to
be criticized, now that he has repented...

When one sees that, and the whole campaign of
fabrication and lies by the US and UK, one can not
help wonder, how does a society produce so many
It seems that if you are considered a “good guy”, its
OK to lie...


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