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[casi] News titles, 23-30/7/03

News titles, 23-30/7/03

News, 23-30/7/03 (1)


*  U.S. to appoint consortium of banks to manage Iraq Trade Bank
*  U.S. Defense Department creates office to support Iraq reconstruction
[Another one?]
*  Companies make first buy of Iraqi oil since end of war [BP PLC and Royal
Dutch/Shell Group of Cos]
*  Mobile phone battle breaks out in Iraq [Piece of piracy from Bahrain
phone company Batelco which could warm out hearts if we didn't know that
they're closely associated with Cable and Wireless of which George "Lord"
Robertson is about to become a deputy chairman (he being so well appreciated
throughout the world for his business acumen)]
*  Photo mystery still unsolved [Story of the river of light which may be
oil being stolen from Iraq to finance the occupation]
*  Jordanians, Iraqis establish $50m 'reconstruction' firm
*  Bahraini company told to stop Iraqi service


*  3 on new Iraqi team get qualified welcome at UN [and project for a new
Security Council resolution authorising more international involvement in
*  CPA opens recruitment centers for new Iraqi army ['The Vinnell Corp. in
Fairfax, Virginia, has won a contract for training the new army.' So perhaps
this item should have gone in the 'Business' section]
*  Centcom chief announces 7,000-strong militia
*  Iraqi party helping U.S. reassemble Iran spy unit [What is most puzzling
about this story - that the INC is negotiating with the Ba'ath intelligence
services to provide information for the Pentagon - is why the INC should
choose to proclaim it to the world. Its hardly calculated to please the US,
the Iraqi people or Iraq's neighbours (and Chalabi was somewhat excessively
well treated by the Iranians shortly before the invasion)]
*  Iraq chooses rotating presidents [9 of them. One a month. Possibly in
alphabetical order. Are we supposed to take these people seriously?]


*  Qusay Saddam Hussein [This Guardian obituary appears to be partly based
on the contents of the 'dodgy dossier' and affirms that Qusay Hussein was
organising obstacles to the 2002-3 inspections, though Hans Blix is on
record as saying he saw no evidence of it (see Glen Rangwala: 36 Lies About
the War,]
*  Uday Saddam Hussein
*  Senior Republican Guard official captured by troops [The head of the
Special Republican Guard, Barzan Abd al-Ghafur Sulayman Majid al-Tikriti]
*  Voice thought to be Saddam's calls on soldiers to rise up
*  Saddam's personal guards 'snatched in Tikrit raid'
*  Whimsical de-Ba'thification
*  Tape Hails Hussein Sons as 'Martyrs'

AND, IN NEWS, 23-30/7/03 (2)


*  Will Sunnis fight Shiites in Iraq? [Juan Cole indicates that the recent
Sunni and Shi'i religious/political demonstrations have been much more
serious than the mainstream press would have us believe]
*  Iraqi police close down newspaper ['Al-Mustaqillah', after they pubished
an article entitled 'Death to all spies and those who cooperate with the
U.S.; killing them is religious duty']
*  Turkoman leader sends Bremer written protest [at being excluded from
the'governing council']
*  Alternatives to the state in struggling Iraq [Argument that clerical and
tribal power should be seen as positive forces which have helped keep the
society intact despite the collapse of the state]


*  9/11 report: No Iraq link to al-Qaida [Note that no-one, not even James
Woolsey, is referring to the Laurie Mylroie (remember her?) thesis that the
Iraqi government was behind the 1993 WTC bombing]
*  Bit by bit, the real Dr Kelly emerges from the shadows [The Independent
presents Dr Kelly as a tough old bird largely responsible for exposing
Iraq's biological weapons programme and closely linked to MI6 so,
reasonably, he could be regarded as one of the UNSCOM spies. He must have
known an awful lot about what was really going on. Which poses the question,
why did he present himself before the FAC as a bumbling, nervous fellow? And
then kill himself? Possible answer to number one: he was very frightened.
Possible answer to number two: he had reason to be.]


*  Rights watchdog [Amnesty] raises alarm about detentions, use of force in
US-run Iraq
*  U.S. Soldiers Killed in Area where Saddam Sons Died [Thursday, 24th July]
*  US troops turn botched Saddam raid into a massacre [Fisk]
*  Another soldier killed in Iraq as US accuses Arab media of incitement
[Early Sunday, 27th July, 'near a bridge in Al Haswat, 30 kilometres south
of Baghdad']      
*  'Third Gulf war' warning as more US troops die [New Center for Strategic
and International Studies report by Anthony Cordesman]
*  US soldier killed in Baghdad attack [Monday, 28th July]     


*  Are Washington hawks setting Damascus up? [Includes more details on the
US incursion into Syria last June when, it appears, 'The attack resulted in
huge fireballs, the destruction of nearby houses and many casualties.']
*  Athens bar association to file suit against Blair over Iraq
*  [US soldier killed in Baghdad attack] [Short extract on resignation of
Denmark's Ole Woehlers as regional coordinator for Basra]
*  Syrian PM urges joint regional stand against US [Syrian Prime Minister
Mustapha Miro 'on the eve of his visit to Ankara']     
*  Comment: Blair's lack of courage [Clare Short in The Guardian, mainly
complaining about the fialure to hand the whole show over to the UN]

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