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[casi] Canada has a new citizen

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Why I am leaving this Country:
Daniel Pipes and the Failure of Democracy in America
by Thomas Nagy

07/30/03: It is instructive to know how the wonderful democracy that the U.S.
is exporting through its own very real WMDs actually works. There are worse
governments than the US democracy, but surely there are better ones, and US
democracy is not worth exporting or imposing on anyone except the most

It is necessary to give the context to my small, modest insight into the
reality of American democracy.

It has to do with Dr. Daniel Pipes. Dr. Daniel Pipes is a rather belligerent
fellow who has been wonderfully successful in intimidating the vast majority
of US professors into near total silence despite: (1) two major wars that are
getting progressively worse (from the official US viewpoint), (2) a threatened
nuclear war with North Korea that has the potential of killing us all, down to
the cockroaches that have amazing resilience to radiation, and (3) a domestic
economic crisis spinning out of control thanks to the insane quest for world
dominance and the maniacal looting of the US by the chums of Bush, the First
and Bush, the Second.

The case of such a gem of free enterprise as B2's Kenny Boy Lay[1]  of Enron
infamy comes readily to mind, but you could point to a great number of other
pirates of gangster capitalism who have, quite simply, cheated the American
people out of life savings or merely stolen a big chunk of their retirement

So one might suspect that all is not well. Indeed.

The good Dr. Pipes identified the six leading university professor villains in
the USI'm number 6in a column[2]  in the New York Post, a newspaper that is
perhaps just a few steps up from pure trash, but one which is widely read and
distributedI can get it easily here in Washington, D.C. In the column, Pipes
falsely accused me, among other things, of providing aid to the Saddam regime.

B2's nomination of Pipes to the U.S. Institute of Peace[3]  is rivaled only by
B1's naming of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.

Now here comes my modest insight into how government really works in the land
of the free and the home of the brave.

Foolishly, I thought this truly bizarre nomination would afford me a chance to
clear my name and end or reduce my harassment (Pipes had called for adult
supervision for the six evil professors). Since Pipes nomination by B2
required the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate, I asked to be a witness in
a public hearing. I asked for three minutes and a chance to put documents into
evidence that would restore my good name and show the greater suitability of
Pipes for the CIAs assassination bureau (I'm sure it has a more noble name)
rather than the US Institute for Peace.

At first, I thought, Gosh the system of democracy can work, because I thought
I had an agreement with the staff of the ranking member of the Senate[4]
Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions[5] , the committee to which
Dr. Pipes nomination had been sent, for a 3-minute testimony and a chance to
submit documents.

After hearing nothing further from Senator Edward Kennedy[6] 's office for
weeks, I discovered that there had been a misunderstanding. Goodbye to any
chance of being a witness, goodbye to a chance to submit documents into
evidence, goodbye to a chance to clear my name and end the harassment.

That misunderstanding was hard to accept, but it was nothing compared to step
2 of the workings of what baby slayer with sanctions former Secretary of State
Madeleine Albright has called the indispensable democracy.

Committee Chairman Sen. Judd Gregg[7]  (R-NH) decided against a hearing for my
accuser, but instead opted for an executive hearing on July 23rdevidently
without witnesses or documents. Its now possible that Sen. Gregg's committee
and the Senate itself could fly Pipes though to his anointment like a stealth
bomber through radarwithout any scrutiny. There goes any meaningful advice and
consent. Technically, the Senate, using tricks like executive sessions, could
give its advice and consent based on no witnesses and no evidence. How
democratic! Is this a great country or what?

This is a microcosm of how the greatest and longest lasting democracy in
history (etc., etc.) works. If one dare speak of even the possibility of a
defect in the operation of Camp X-Ray, or putting Pipes into such a position
of honor and trust, then the totally corrupt committee system of Congress that
would make any tyrant blush can block criticismtotal power, but with the
appearance of fairness.

Members of Congress disguise this disastrous blemish by using pompous phrases
like, I'd like to thank my distinguished colleague, the Chairman and thank him
for allowing me time to speak. The committee chairman may permit other members
to speak, but the chairman runs the whole shabby show: agenda, witness listyou
name it.

The rest of the hypocrites properly worship the chairman in the hope that if
they live long enough, they will, one day they become a god (oops, I mean
committee chairman). So much for democracyvery sad, very tragic, very
disastrous to the people of the US and the world.

So unlike the movies, I don't get my day in court.

Continuing to teach in the US is no longer an option for me, particularly
since evidently I will have no chance to clear my name before Congress.

So I am moving to Canada in a few days where I will apply for citizenship and
try to rebuild my 20-year university career in a functioning democracy.

I think Canada's secret is simple: a small, peace keeping-oriented military; a
small weapons industry; no empire to rule and no countries to conquer.
(Sending trigger pullers to Afghanistan was an aberration. Canadian troops die
if they must but as peace keepers, not as killers of essentially defenseless

I hope to die in Canada and atone for my stupidity and culpability in paying
taxes to the most well-oiled killing machine in history, the United States of
America, by teaching peace studies and promoting pacifism, which I think is
the only force powerful enough to overcome Americas super weapons.


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