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Re: [casi] America's Uday and Qusay Conjuring Trick

> I am more than convinced that Uday and Qusay
> are still alive.

I didn't pay much attention to that story myself.
To me, the rejoicing in those killings was
depressing - to say nothing about the published
photos of the corpses.

But it seems you are not alone in your conviction.
At least, doubt has been expressed widely, starting
with Iraqis themselves.

Supporters of the 'liberation coalition',
(so dubbed) apparently believed the story. Most
non-supporters as well. In Rumsfeld, NYT and BBC
we trust. And this at a time when people are
wailing 'we have been lied to'... about WMDs,
uranium, dossiers, and so on.

Do people want to believe? Or do they take
language too literally?

For example, Gen. Sanchez, when confirming the
identity, said: "The bodies are in a condition
where you could identify them." He didn't say
'can', he said 'could' - no outright lie.
(Globe and Mail, July 23.)

Vialls raises some valid points, even if he goes
a bit overboard in his claims. For example, why
would it take 200 heavily-armed soldiers, 4-6 hours
to capture four people? Why would the fugitives
choose Mosul? And why would they stay together?

But the doubts I've come across centred mainly
on the identity of the bodies.

A Turkish reporter, Faruk Zabci, described the
bodies as "practically unidentifiable". He was
one of the few reporters present at a news briefing
where Gen. Sanchez showed photos. He was able to
catch a glimpse, said Zabci, and was shocked
at the condition of the corpses. (July 24)

At a news conference one day earlier no photos
were shown. "'We haven't decided [when]", Rumsfeld
told a group of 100 reporters. Sanchez then told
this group that identity had been established
through dental records and witness statements.
("U.S. To Release Pictures Of Saddam Sons 'Soon'",
IslamOnline, July 23.)

Other sources:

-- "Conspiracy theories abound as US releases
Uday-Qusay photos", writes the Hindustan Times -
publishing an article by AFP of July 24.

This article relies on views held by Baghdadis.
It concludes with a suggestion of 'faked' corpses
by one interviewee:

"Inside a cramped studio, plastics artist Fuad Haman,
41, guesses the two-day delay in showing pictures of
Uday and Qusay comes from the elaborate preparations
to fake their corpses.

"'In a photo, you would never notice the difference,'"
says Haman, an expert at making near-life plaster
replicas of people.

Presumably the Hindustan Times has doubts too.

--- IslamOnline also published an article that
relied heavily on views by Iraqis: those who were
glad - and believed. And those who questioned the


"... it was illogical that they were holing up in a
house owned by a well-known chieftain of an Iraqi
clan", said one. (IslamOnline, July 23.)

--- Perfect timing, suggests an article in the
Junge Welt with a touch of irony:

"Whether it was really Uday and Qusay who got
killed in a shoot-out with US soldiers is open
to question. In any case, the news of their death
is perfectly timed. 'Thank God, today we are not
talking about Niger' said Daniella Pletka of the
neoconservative think thank American Enterprise
Institute with relief. And the stock market
responded euphorically."

Elga Sutter

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The following link you must see.
I am more than convinced that Uday and Qusay are still alive.


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