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[casi] "Invest in Mideast futures"

Look around this site- seems PAM is a sophisticated program for Mideast war
 "Concept Overview

Analysts often use prices from various markets as indicators of potential
events. The use of petroleum futures contract prices by analysts of the
Middle East is a classic example. The Policy Analysis Market (PAM) refines
this approach by trading futures contracts that deal with underlying
fundamentals of relevance to the Middle East. Initially, PAM will focus on
the economic, civil, and military futures of Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey and the impact of U.S. involvement
with each.

[Click here for a summary of PAM futures contracts]

The contracts traded on PAM will be based on objective data and observable
events. These contracts will be valuable because traders who are registered
with PAM will use their money to acquire contracts. A PAM trader who
believes that the price of a specific futures contract under-predicts the
future status of the issue on which it is based can attempt to profit from
his belief by buying the contract. The converse holds for a trader who
believes the price is an over-prediction – she can be a seller of the
contract. This price discovery process, with the prospect of profit and at
pain of loss, is at the core of a market’s predictive power.

The issues represented by PAM contracts may be interrelated; for example,
the economic health of a country may affect civil stability in the country
and the disposition of one country’s military may affect the disposition of
another country’s military. The trading process at the heart of PAM allows
traders to structure combinations of futures contracts. Such combinations
represent predictions about interrelated issues that the trader has
knowledge of and thus may be able to make money on through PAM. Trading
these trader-structured derivatives results in a substantial refinement in
predictive power. ...
...  Trader registration will open on August 1, 2003..."

Surf the site.
(Remember the 'South Sea Bubble'?)

Read the MSNBC news story:
Can a ‘terror futures market’ work?
 Defense Dept. project aims to let ‘investors’ bet on events

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