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[casi] From Horses to Hamsters.

Dear Elga & List,

Thanx for recent response. My feeling is that, for the moment, we have
exhausted our exchanges. To
keep on "regurgitating" our points would be non-productive, only resulting
in, boringly, circular arguments, taking us forward as much as a hamster in
a tread-wheel.

You say the Occupation Watch Centre has it's own guidelines, & no-one else
has any say in it. OWC, plus other NGOs in Iraq, will, very likely, be
closely scrutinised by the media & the public. In gaining experience, they
will, inevitably, not function perfectly from the outset, & will learn from
their own mistakes. It should be expected that they will also learn from
others, in Iraq (I have kept this sentence deliberately vague!). They would
not have a 100% preset agenda but would leave room for development.

It is, as you say, a nonsensical statement, when Rumsfeld says "stuff
happens to free people". Like all propaganda (e.g. Goebbels etc.), however,
it contains some truth, despite dismissive cynicism by
Mr. Rumsfeld & co.

Although the occupier's responsibility remains, Iraqis have options/choices
to make, even in their very dire
situation. Not to excercise these options would only increase the sense of
powerlessness amongst ordinary Iraqis.

Peace pipe? No, not literally, as I ain't no 'bacco Jacko. Symbolically,
certainly. Frequently, if not always, I have found your writings educational
& meaningfull. And I have no  doubt that the many friends of CASI would,
wholeheartedly, endorse your call for a better world!

Calumeteous Greetings,     Bert.

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