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[casi] O.T. (= Off or On topic).

Dear Tom & List,

Good to have your communications. Admittedly, just now, I haven't much to
add to what already's been said. But we never step into the the same river
twice (another metaphor!), so new material emerges, over & over again.

You mention "watchdogs of humanity", sometimes called "whistle-blowers" etc.
Isn't that, amongst other reasons, what this List is attempting to live up
to? But no-one, at all, is beyond criticism, least of all those who consider
themselves in control of "the moral high ground". To see what is wrong, out
there, is crucial, yet this has to be accompanied by - for want of a better
word - introspection (sorry, if I'm drifting into the spheres of
philosophy!). I suppose we all, in our various ways & approaches, contribute
to an understanding of the turbulence of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc.,
what are the root causes, and what are the remedies - to be found in
"civilised" society.

We all look forward to your writings on the hair (spelt hare?) of buffed

Are you in Montreal, now, Tom? Wherever you are, let's hope you have ready
access to one of those
e-mail machines (maybe with a delete key?)!

Greetings,   Bert.

Find a cheaper internet access deal - choose one to suit you.

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