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Re: [casi] Some Equestrian Wisdom.

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dear bert
my horse sense tells me that you gave the issues substantial thought, hence
your statement  is "thoughtful". i have as well meditated on issues of looting,
suicide missions and other mayhem and wondered, if placed in the same
position as those who are hopeless and downtrodden, marginalized and dehumanized, and
under capricious foreign occupation, i would not do as they.
i want to extend this a bit. i have discussed the issue of looting with
others, all educated to the highest scholarly degrees, many born with the
proverbial silver spoon in mouth, if not to the purple, and honestly profess and
confess that i am uncertain, i fear, that, if a mob breaks into tiffanny's and i am
there as well, i would not be one of those that entered. forget the needy and
the clothing or grocery stores. some criminality? of course. i do not totally
trust my restraining probity nor my ethical judgement. i hope that i would not
join in, and i will avoid the trial of such opportunities BECAUSE I AM FREE
to do so.
as are the cases of slavery and poverty, occupation is heinous (no, this is
not news). the enslaved, the poor, and the occupied are the victims. i do not
wish ask them to ponder the gestalt of their existence, for their miserable lot
is not their creation. it is not their fault.
i believe you erred in your "thoughtful" discussion, that, at this harrowing
time for the iraqi, you would urge that he/she assess his/ her moral probity.
(i have not resolved that in all my comfort and advantage. i admire those who,
with a measure of honesty, can say they did)
bill clinton effectively used the slogan " it is the economy, stupid" to
defeat george bush  senior in 1992. i would substitute the word "occupation" and
seek relief for the iraqis....(and palestinians). i shall worry later about how
well iraqis chose to evaluate themselves without the dominance of the
"engleez"or "authority". but as you may say: this is not new. it is always right.

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