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[casi] Some Equestrian Wisdom.

Dear List - & Elga too!

A recent communication, from Elga Sutter, grossly misrepresents my views re.
Peace Groups in Baghdad,
& unpallatable facts are, conveniently, sugar-coated by her.

Elga claims I have "regurgitated" out of some big stomach, & that I have
been using second-hand information". Ironically, further on she says: "But
of course the media proffers many of its reservations
second-hand". Has she got a thing about second-hand information?

She goes back into history, propagating about continued bombing attacks, the
sanctions regime etc. Tell us about something else we don't know, Elga!

My posting - I had expected this - was bound to get a mixed reception. In
all, I had a grand total of two
replies, one indirect (she doesn't pay me the courtesy of mentioning my
name), from Elga, the second from the person who had sent the original
article, on the 23rd, pg. He sent me a very complimentary e-mail, describing
my Peace Groups letter as "thoughtful". I don't think Elga has understood
that my "regurgitated" (was I a cow, in my last incarnation?) letter was in
response to the article pg had contributed.

Instead of countering Elga's numerous sarcasms, I'll quote (or regurgitate)
from Elga's own postings, from today. These quotes underscore the views I
was putting accross.

>From the ICRC paper: "The direct damage caused to key water and sewage
plants ....was later aggravated by deliberate acts of vandalism and
destruction."...."some organisations (=NGOs) have been exposed to banditry
on certain land routes."

>From the CARE paper: "The security situation in Iraq is getting worse, not
better. It is the biggest impediment to delivering effective humanitarian
aid. Murders and carjackings are common. The frenzy of looting that followed
the war is over, but theft is still a serious problem for aid agencies."

Sorry, but I consider Elga's white-washing letter, re Peace Groups, as a
disservice to Iraq & Iraqis. Maybe
not such a bad idea for us to get off our high horses, & away from our
Goody-2-Shoes attitudes, &,
holistically, face up to the bitter realities in Iraq & elsewhere in the

Greetings,   Bert G.

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