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[casi] "Supporting Heuristic Evaluation".

Dear List,

Firstly,  re. Swiss Roy's comments: You make the List appear like a
well-oiled bureaucracy, complete with pin-striped officials - as latter-day
March Hares - scurrying around chasing their tales. Do we, the "Officials",
deserve to be blamed or antagonised? Yes, we, frequently, do. If we truly
"seek understanding for the percieved good of mankind", we will never find
it by hiding, in the guise of organisation-man, behind our
Company logos. Rather than your "warm thanks", I would prefer your shared, &
unafraid, views.- Please, Mr. Skinner?

As for Zarathustra, I have shifted opinion, somewhat. Still think we need to
be reminded, every now &
then, of our link to nature & the arts. But it may have been more apt for
JPH, using some brief poetric excerpt, to emphasise a point. Years ago, I
read Dicken's 'Hard Times' about factual science versus the arts (among
other things). Sample the 2+2 School Master, Thomas Gradgrind: "....Facts
alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything

So, what's the connection, if anything, with Iraq? If we wish to respond,
creatively, to conventional
wisdom from our political betters, spin doctors etc., it behoves us to put
our mental powers to best use.
So, even if we don't always win the argument, at least we'll have put up a
good, honest, fight (against wind-mills?).

Improving Web Usability (by T. Nagy & others, George Washington University):
"Since conscious injection of metaphors has been shown to improve
persuasiveness, judicious use of metaphors is suggested...."

Greetings,   Bert.

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