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[casi] Re: Sons dead -- Robert Fisk 23 JULY

>The Sons are Dead, But Resistance Will Grow

Well enough as the story is written, but important principles are being
waylaid in the coverage of this. Shall we applaud the lynch mob who kills
a criminal monster?

It was reported (on NPR) that the US forces banged on the door and
demanded surrender, and then 200 troops blew away the occupants during
the ensuing firefight. It may be asked however, if that was necessary?
Two hundred troops caoul easily "starve out" the suspects -- and yes, at
THAT time they WERE only suspects. There is the question of the 14 year
old boy also -- or other possible innocents within the villa. Use of tear
gas or such is also far from unknown as a solution to such standoffs.
Considering just the informational and political values of capturing the
sons alive, certainly such efforts should have been made.

Most troubling is the assumption of the US that they have the right to
kill whom they choose, and disregard not only the problems that entails
for handling of suspects, but of the killing of innocnet bystanders as
well. It's bad enough that US authority is debatable, despite the UN
designation as occupiers, but the methods and policies DO count. Surely
attacking Iraqis at will is no better than the Israeli's "targetted
assasinations" which also kill many bystanders. That some US forces
actually trained under the Israelis in Jenin does not speak well for the
intentions or standards, and the parallels must surely be drawn by Iraqis
and other Arabs.

Plainly put, this is no longer a "war" -- if it ever was -- and the US
policy of simply designating people as enemies or "bad guys" is no
justification whatever for extre-legal incarceration or execution. It
seems the US are also "bad guys" -- a new incarnation of Regan's "evil
empire". This won't do at all.

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