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[casi] Amnesty: Iraq - Memorandum On Concerns Relating To Law And Order 23/07/03

AI INDEX: MDE 14/157/2003     23 July 2003
Memorandum on concerns
relating to law and order


This memorandum outlines a number of concerns and recommendations relating
to law and order legislation and practices by the Coalition Provisional
Authority (CPA) and the Coalition Forces in Iraq. It highlights issues
relating to the overall legal framework; addresses in some detail concerns
relating to the use of force, detention practices, treatment in custody,
searches and the role of the judiciary; and outlines concerns relating to
the need for ensuring accountability of the CPA and the Coalition Forces.

The memorandum also includes a number of cases illustrating the nature of
Amnesty International's concerns. As part of its recommendations, Amnesty
International calls on the CPA to carry out competent, independent and
impartial investigations into these individual cases.

Amnesty International delegates have been present in Iraq since 24 April
2003, monitoring human rights issues, specifically in the areas of policing
and detention. Places visited have included Baghdad, Ramadi, Fallujah,
Basra, Amara, Najaf and Nassiriya, as well as Irbil, Kirkuk and Mosul. In
the course of their work, Amnesty International delegates have interviewed
victims of crime, former detainees and their families, lawyers, judges,
police officers, as well as officials in the CPA and members of United
States (US) and United Kingdom (UK) military forces.

Amnesty International remains deeply concerned by the lack of law and order
prevailing in many areas of Iraq. Many Iraqis have repeatedly expressed to
Amnesty International delegates their sense of fear and insecurity. In the
document, Iraq: The need for security (AI Index: MDE 14/143/2003) issued
earlier this month, Amnesty International outlined concerns about the law
and order situation in Basra, including the impact on the lives of ordinary
Iraqis of looting, revenge killings, kidnappings and other violent crime.
This memorandum highlights continuing concerns in Baghdad and other parts of
Iraq. Amnesty International calls on the CPA and the Coalition Forces to
take urgent steps to fully restore law and order in all parts of Iraq.

Full report at:

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