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Re:[casi] Iraq's Freedom Party?

I was not able to find any information on Dr Mohammed
Obeidi of the Iraq's Freedom Party. I found the
communiqué of a party which I assume is the same one.
I am posting it here hoping it would of interest to


The Iraqi Freedom Party Communiqué
Posted by admin on Thursday, July 10 @ 22:03:48 EDT


To our steadfast Iraqi people under the oppression of
a tyrannical occupation,
To all our courageous patriotic forces resisting the
invaders of our wounded Iraq,
To all the people of the Arab nation spread throughout
our Arab homeland,
To those who love freedom, peace and security
throughout the world,

After the treacherous Anglo-American Zionist forces
perpetrated their act of terrorist aggression against
our beloved Iraq, showing no respect for values and
international norms and/or for the opposition of most
countries of the world to their criminal plans, both
those declared and those undeclared, these forces have
gone on to perpetrate all manner of criminal and
shameful acts; for example, the killing of thousands
of Iraqis using deadly armaments, even those under
international ban, and the premeditated destruction of
all Iraq’s infrastructure.

Moreover, it has become clear to us and to all Iraqis
— and of this there can be no doubt — that the
invading forces, in cooperation with the Zionist and
Kuwaiti intelligence services, have destroyed and
burnt most of Iraq’s cultural heritage in a despicable
act which aimed to erase Mesopotamian civilisation for
all time.

It was clear before the criminal aggression against
Iraq, and it is clearer now, that these invading
forces have not come to liberate Iraq as they claimed,
but to occupy it, enslave its people, take control of
its wealth and take from its pan-Arab role in offering
unlimited support to the critical issues facing the
Arab nation, at the forefront of which stands the
Palestinian question, the cornerstone of the Arab
people’s just struggle against the usurping Zionist
entity. Their occupation of Iraq has been accompanied
by murder, starvation and deprivation from the most
basic fundamentals of existence, with the humanitarian
suffering of the Iraqi people reaching unprecedented
levels. In addition, no one now believes the pretexts
and justifications put forward by the invaders in
relation to Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass
destruction. Under the occupation the facts have
proven that Iraq both before and after the invasion
was free of these alleged weapons.

Our party strongly condemns the treacherous acts of
aggression and unequivocally rejects all contemptible
attempts by the occupying forces to give legitimacy to
their occupation. The party also condemns the invading
powers for their attempt to appoint agents brought in
by aircraft and on the back of tanks from abroad and
appoint them to positions of power and responsibility.
Our party calls determinedly for the expulsion of the
invaders by any means, including armed resistance. It
also calls on all Iraqis not to cooperate with the
oppresive forces of occupation. Moreover, we strongly
condemn all the facilities provided by commercial
circles in Iraq, including the region of Kurdistan,
which cooperate with the invaders in order to
establish a foothold for Zionism in our occupied Iraq.
Our party and the other patriotic forces of our people
will deal these people as traitors to our people and
homeland and they will face the punishment they

At the same time as our party praises all Arab and
Muslim peoples in particular, and other peoples of the
world who rejected the aggression against Iraq
generally, for the noble stances they adopted in
expressing their rejection of that aggression, we
strongly condemn all regimes, in particular Arab
regimes, who participated, publicly or behind the
scenes, in coordinating with the enemy and provided
logistical support for its invading forces.

In extending the hand of assistance and giving our
blessing to the courageous armed resistance which
rejects the occupation, the intensity of which has
risen over the last few weeks, and in recognizing the
seriousness of the conditions faced by our beloved
Iraq, our party calls on all patriotic forces and
political figures who reject and resist the invasion
to act objectively and with serious intent to unify
their ranks and political agenda in a single patriotic
resistance front, the main aim of which in the present
circumstances shall be to resist the occupation in an
effective manner. Pursuant to our diagnosis of the
present situation in Iraq, and in line with the
principles declared by our party on its inauguration,
we call on all patriotic political forces and persons
to the following:

1) Establish a unified political command, the
principal aim of which, in this phase, shall be to
draw up an effective strategy for armed resistance
operations until Iraq is liberated from the invaders,
employing all available means, by mobilizing all the
capacities of our people who reject the Anglo-American
Zionist aggression.

2) Issue a political program for a liberated Iraq to
include the following:

a) Form a temporary national political authority to
work immediately to prepare a new constitution
regulating the legislative and executive powers of
state, which constitution shall be put to a
b) Conduct free democratic elections in order to form
the political system of government and elect a
President of State.
c) All minorities shall enjoy the freedom to
participate in the administration of government to the
highest level.
d) Establish the democratic structure of state, in
which the law forms the basis of justice and
government, protecting the values of democracy,
freedom and human rights under law.
e) Set up an economic system that will rebuild Iraq’s
infrastructure on a sound and strong basis, in such as
way to support the political system and the stability
of that system, guaranteeing freedom for citizens and
their interests and aspirations.
f) Protect the integrity of the nation, territory and
sovereignty and not squander any part of its land.
g) Reject tribalism, religious, sectarian and racial
extremism, and separatist disputes whatever their
form, origins or name.

3) Call on all patriotic and nationalist forces in the
Arab nation to provide effective support in all forms
for the Iraqi Resistance and Liberation Front, to
enable them to reach their patriotic and national
objective in expelling the invaders and liberating
Iraq from the oppression of occupation.

4) Call on all political forces standing for peace and
freedom in all countries of the world to join with the
steadfast people of Iraq in order to end the
occupation and expel the invaders.

Finally, all the people of our party in every part of
our occupied homeland bow with respect before the
innocent martyrs lost in defense of the country and
salute our Iraqi people struggling for freedom and

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