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Re: [casi] What we are up against in the US--the nyt spinn on bbc-kelly

>And why only slash his left wrist? People normally
>slash both.

One possibility is that damaged tendons of the left wrist precluded using
that hand. But these are all also good questions. There are others. The
man was a microbiologist -- assumedly with easy access to various
chemical substances. If he was concerned enough about pain to take pain
killers, why would he not poison himself -- a far more painless and
reliable method? Being depressed doesn't make one stupid or forget one's
professional knowledge. What are the stats concerning method for doctors,
dentists, and psychiatrists who commit suicide (the last two I seem to
remember are at high-risk)? Does a man who was a UN weapons inspector,
and the Defense Ministry microbiologist succumb easily to stress?

Another question: what sort of pain killer? Aspirin sort seems hardly
worth the bother. Opiates? The sort which stupify a man, and could also
be introduced via the bloodstream (if not force fed)? Was the instrument
a knife -- or a sharpened aluminum tube?! Is the forensic report complete
and available? These details should be brought out. There is more than a
question of simply "driving a man to suicide".

The event is extremely suspicious! My "little grey cells" are
uncomfortable with this.

>Odviously, we can't hope to prove this but we should
>take appropriate precautions - primarily by ensuring
>that no one person is too important. Anybody who is
>should avoid being completely on their own and avoid
>following a routine.
>I wouldn't put anything past them.

Hardly past them, considering the thousands in Iraq (and elsewhere) who
have been killed already. The questions should not end quickly or easily!
Aside from the effect on Iraq, not letting the questions die may well
keep others alive, if there was foul play.

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