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[casi] FWD: RE: [DU-WATCH] Child Victims of War - ammended email contact

Dear list,
In a previous post, I suggested this list also be on the
DU watch list. Here is a post from that list today, about
a new project, with advice from attorney Karen Parker,
thanks, Philippa

>===== Original Message From =====
Thanks Davey. I note that the project will assist in claims at the European
Court of Human Rights. This will only help those injured by combatants from
States Parties to the Council of Europe. However, there may be children who
have a claim against the United States. Those children could petition the
Organization of American States (OAS)if there is no possibilty for judicial
action in the US. And also please note that claims at both the European Court
and OAS must meet the "exhaustion of domestic remedies" requirement. Thus,
claimants would have to file in a Council of Europe member country's courts or
in the US first and have been "denied". For Europe, I'm assuming the UK -- as
neither Spain nor Italy (Poland?? or others) had any combat forces. There are
ways of excusing the "exhaustion" requirements -- which could probably be
invoked in these cases. But this will require experienced solicitors and
barristers (and US attorneys) in these matters. No easy task. I have been
involved in at least 6 cases (all at least somewhat successful) in both forums
and understand how difficult this is. Four of these cases have involved
humanitarian law in conjuction with human rights law. In fact I have a current
case at the OAS on a "humanitarian law/human rights" issue -- but not on this
particular point. There are a number of experienced attorneys in the UK on
these issues, so they would be most usefully involved. Please contact me off
line for their contacts. All the best. Karen Parker

-------Original Message-------
From: davey garland <>
Sent: 07/20/03 10:34 AM
Subject: [DU-WATCH] Child Victims of War - ammended email contact

> Dear All, the project that i sent around some weeks
ago has now evolved, with a number of projects now
being set up. Be pleased if folk could circulate this,
as the press launch is in a few weeks time.
many thanks
davey garland
(pandora DU Project/CVW)

Child Victims of War

Children have always been the greatest victims of war.
They may suffer trauma, injury or death; be orphaned
or separated from their families, or forced to witness
the most horrific events imaginable. Recent wars waged
by the US/UK and their NATO allies have been
particularly traumatic due to the latest technological
forms of warfare. These new wars also leave an
environmental legacy which is both radiological and
toxicological. Children born many years after the war
may still be affected by rare genetic defects,
cancers, and leukaemias.

‘Child Victims of War’ is a charity which has been
created as a response to these new military
developments. We believe that in the 21st century it
is no longer ethically viable for the international
community to resort to the use of force in this way.
The charity is unique in that it not only proposes to
fund projects to alleviate the suffering of children
in war zones, but also to seek compensation for child
victims through the European Court of Human Rights.

The charity will be opening its first office in
Baghdad, as a response to the effects of thirteen
years of war and sanctions on the children of Iraq.
Four initial projects have been identified.

·      The support of children suffering from Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of war.
·      The support of children suffering from the
radiological and toxicological fallout of war.
·      The support of children suffering from amputation,
burns or spinal injury due to cluster bombs and other
·      Legal support for children wishing to claim
compensation through the European Court of Human

The charity wishes not only to raise money to fund
these projects but to raise awareness of the issues.
Our website will be dual lingual (English/Arabic) and
will give full feedback and information to our donors,
so those supporting us can  become as actively engaged
in the projects as they wish.

We operate as a co operative and will run the projects
through a strong team of people in the target country.
For example, the Baghdad office will be staffed solely
by Iraqis.

We hope  eventually to extend our work to Afghanistan,
Palestine and the Balkans.

A press launch for the organisation will take place on
the 6 August.
For More details contact:

Joanne Baker           Abdul Haq Al-Ani
Co ordinator             Legal Adviser

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