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[casi] !OT Kelly - Monrovia - public imagination - propaganda

>would likely cause the blood vessels to spasm and reduce >blood flow.

I have so far hesitated to think along these lines -- it goes against my
grain and can be dangerous to the "cause" -- but considering the
sutuation and the nature of the opposition, such considerations may be

Yes, that is another question. Additionally, I heard on an early BBC
broadcast that Keppy went out without his coat. I didn't understand the
significance including that in the report. Was the weather inclement? Was
that unusual for him? Did he intend to take a walk, or did he have some
message requesting he meet someone nearby, or be picked up in car?

I heard that that judge to investigate say the hearing would be pubic,
but also that he would determine the scope, which was not specified. Will
the cause of death be in question?

Blair asked that reporting and such be circumspect. It would seem he does
not want speculation? I guess -- if this becomes a mystery that capture
the public imagination, then it also keeps the background of the incident
in the public mind. Perhaps there is a cabbie in London who, if the
subject comes up, says to his customer "Suicide? Listen, he KNEW
something, and he was taken care of!". Pure -- scurrilous -- speculation
I should think, but not beyond the sort of thing the neo-cons regularly

Keep it all stirring.

Monrovia. 65 dead this afternoon, and the protesters blame the US for not
intervening. The WMD excuse is breaking down so now the line is we
invaded Iraq for humanitarian purposes. So in Liberia the people were out
demonstrating pleading for the US to come, and did nothing. Now Bush is
saying we are moving a small number of troops in to protect the US
embassy -- US interests. What is the sin of the Liberians then, that the
US couldn't send even 1,000 troops? They are BWO -- black without oil!
I've already heard a few comments aong this line. And then what happens
to the supposed humanitarian motivation? Why are we really in Iraq? It's
a nasty thought, but I'm not sure it isn't the true case. But again, it's
something a lot of people want to hear about -- something which feeds
into their thoughts and is fun to talk about.

Feed the public imagination. Keep it stirring. Just ask interesting
questions. Take a poll to see how many people think this is true. Toss
the results, even -- just ask the questions and get people wondering.

This approach stinks -- but it is effective, and if one needs to
rabble-rouse, one might as well be effective. Discussion? Anyone want to
yell at me? I would understand.
But would it work? Can these things be injected into the public
consciousness? Should they?

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