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[casi] Annan's Iraq-Related Report (Short - Accessible - Very Important to Read)

Today UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan publicly released his report on
Special Representative for Iraq Sergio de Mello's activities, per the terms
of Security Council resolution 1483.  The report is 23 pages long and
written in accessible, non-technical language.  Its contents go well beyond
reporting de Mello's/the UN's activities, and includes numerous useful
recommendations, and details regarding the situation on the ground in Iraq.
The report is worth a complete and careful read.  Below are the report

You may find the report (S/2003/715, 17 July 2003) at
* Click on the blue S/2003/715 in the left hand column.  You will then be
redirected to the report.


I. Introduction
II. Initial approach: broad consultations to define the role of the United
III. Political transition process
IV. Security situation
V. Human rights and the rule of law
- Promoting the protection of human rights (resolution 1483 (2003), para. 8
- Encouraging international efforts to rebuild the capacity of the Iraqi
civilian police force (resolution 1483 (2003), para. 8 (h))
- Encouraging international efforts to promote legal and judicial reform
(resolution 1483 (2003), para. 8 (i))
VI. Free and independent media
VII. Humanitarian assistance and emergency rehabilitation
- Coordinating humanitarian and reconstruction assistance by United Nations
agencies and between United Nations agencies and non-governmental
organizations (resolution 1483 (2003), para. 8 (a))
- Promoting the safe, orderly and voluntary return of refugees and displaced
persons (resolution 1483 (2003), para. 8 (b))
VIII. Oil-for-food programme
IX. Economic reconstruction and sustainable development
X. The way forward
A. Approach
B. Tasks
C. Structure
XI. Observations

Nathaniel Hurd
Consultant on Iraq policy
Tel. (Mobile): 917-407-3389
Fax: 718-504-4224
777 1st Avenue
Suite 7A
New York, NY  10017

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