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RE: [casi] !OT: list usage-- an alternative framing of the issue


   Guess my other email didn't make it, so let me try again.

   Why are we hearing from self-described "nonposters" or "lurkers" as they
are called in the U.S., but nothing or very little  on keeping viable and
active even powerful actors like BBC which seem beyound question till they
speak necessary truths:
BBC to Scott Ritter (from celebraty testifing before congress to virtual non
person [though I greately appreciate the posts indicating that Scott and
Galloway have not been completely left to twist slowely in the wind]).

    Perhaps it would help to frame this as the need to go beyond "laying out
or discovering the fact ONLY (important as that is, vide G.R.'s critical
plagerism find.  Frankly I'm not in this to be a convenience for passive
interloopers. The stakes are higher, else I'd be making the  passive readers
like Ms. Foxley's real happy at a very, very tall salery. I hope her non
posting does not mean she is not active in otherways on preserving what's
left of Iraq .


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>Dear all,
>I'd like to make a few pleas on my own behalf and maybe on behalf of other
'non-posters' to the list. I have found the usefulness of the list much
reduced recently by the way that list-usage is developing; I have been
deleting more and reading less than I might do if people posted in a more
disciplined way, and finding it more time-consuming to sort out which posts
contain substantial information and analysis (whether posted from other
sources or the listmembers' own thoughts) of the situation in Iraq.
>Since Peter is still producing a news mailing, would it not be possible for
people with articles they wish to forward to send them initially to him, so
that they can be included in his digest under the appropriate heading?
>Could people combine the analytical points they wish to make, and indeed
related news stories if they must send them directly to the list, in a single
email, rather than sending several emails in a row, each with forwarded items
plus a couple of lines of their own commentary?
>Could people NOT email responses to items others have posted to the whole
list UNLESS those responses are making substantial analytical or factual
>I feel that people are posting in a rather hurried way; it is inevitable that
people are rushed and often frustrated and writing out of strong feelings; but
I find it a bit insulting to be expected to sort out what people are trying to
say when it sometimes seems to me that they haven't themselves taken the time
to try and express it in a way which furthers the discussion. In other words,
it *is* the responsibility of those posting to the list, as well as of
recipients, to 'filter' what they are saying - not to censor it, but to think
twice about what is useful to others on the list and how to present it in the
most helpful way.
>We do all have common concerns, and the list is designed to focus on those,
to help us all in our thinking and campaigning. Sticking to substantial
information and analysis would keep the list useful to all those subscribed to
>In peace
>Rachel Foxley. Clare Hall, Herschel Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AL.
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