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Re: [casi] re: non-Iraq related posts (re: Scott Ritter)

>Scott's always been difficult for some in the US
peace movement to swallow as he is not a pacifist.
Concerning Iraq, though, he has been steadfast against
the war, has bemoaned in many public settings the
horrendous effects of sanctions, he calls for the
soldiers to come home .... he's great on Iraq.>

The problem is not that Scott Ritter is not a
pacifist. The problem is that Ritter suffers from lack
of credibility.

To begin with, Scott Ritter's record in Iraq has been
one of creating problems with the Iraqis and accusing
them of obstructing his work. At no time during his
years of work for the CIA via UNSCOM, did Ritter utter
any criticism of the sanctions or state that Iraq was
rid of its WMDs. On the contrary, he kept accusing
Iraq of hiding its weapons programs, and we remember
his many confrontations with the Iraqis. During that
time, he also gave intelligence information on Iraq to
the Israelis and God knows who else...

Ritter's resignation in 1998 was not because of any
moral stand against sanctions or his condemnation of
the suffering of Iraqis. He resigned because he
believed the US administration was not doing enough on
Iraq. He wanted it to tougher.. His about-turn was
surprising, to say the least. He later came out
telling us how UNSCOM was used for spying; how Iraq
was "qualitatively" disarmed; how he opposed war.. He
also made a film and wrote a book, allegedly with
sponsoring from Shakir al-Khafaji, and Iraqi
businessman from Detroit, who is suspected of working
for the Iraqi regime!!
And so when one now tries to use Ritter's statements
tp prove that Iraq has been disarmed, people would
tell you that until his resignation he wanted stronger
action against Iraq; why would they believe a person
who changes sides for money?? How does one counter
those accusations and prove that Ritter was wrong then
and is right now??

Personally, I don't have much respect for Ritter. Had
he spoken out at any time during his work for UNSCOM
against sanctions and inspections, I would have had
the greatest respect for him. Right now, he is in the
same league as Annan, Ekeus, Blix, Elbaradei, Kelly,
Thielman, Wilson and all those who knew but kept
quiet.. Because of their cowardice and lack of
integrity; their inability to speak out the truth; and
their fear for losing their jobs, tens of thousands of
Iraqis died. Only now, they come out and speak, when
it is too late and the damage is done.

As an Iraqi, I hold all of the above jointly with the
administrations in the US and UK responsible for the
continuation of sanctions and the deaths of Iraqis,
and I believe they deserve to be judged as accomplices
in a crime against humanity..


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