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[casi] !OT (off topic) Re: non-Iraq related posts

>constantly spammed with off-subject e-mails I would spend >my entire day
pressing the delete key. I have more >important things to do with my

>> I respect your efforts on behalf of the people of Iraq, >>therefore,
in the future if I am going to post something >>with a heart, I will mark
it with a disclaimer which >>will alleviate you the consternation of
reading it,

Suggestion. Note the header is marked !OT -- off-topic.

Since this message might be helpful to the list, it is nonetheless not
about Iraq, per se. If we all include the !OT at the beginning of the
header of a message which may be related but not strictly on topic this
might be a partial solution -- at least for now -- since such posts can
be very quickly ignored or deleted.

A more permanent solution would be to either pass such messages to a
"private address book" (marked !OL for off list so it's easy to see the
reply should not to the list?), or open an alternative list for the more
meandering posts, or those not of direct and immediate concern pertaining
to Iraq (such as throwing Bush into jail) -- an action taken by 2 of the
other lists I'm on: this is a common problem in lists. (Personally, I'd
want to see what anyone chooses to post -- at least to archive for future
searchs on various topics.)

It is even possible to have a series of codes such as !CIq for conditions
in Iraq such as water and munitions, !PolC for political conditions such
as with the council and Bremmer's policies, !GenP for the general
politics, including UN, US and UK developments, !AN for announcements of
meetings and demonstrations, !INS for inspirational, and so forth /
whatever. This would enable people to priortize their reading (and easily
sort by subject). These codes could be invented on the fly, explained in
the first few posts. We and the internet in general will have to develop
some sort of system for indexing and managing information to keep from
being swamped (and to keep up with the full-time government

Seem workable? Acceptable? Proposals? Better than people being
frustrated? It seems to me that we here should be highly concerned with
transforming differences of opinion to working solutions and consensus --
the essence of peace.

"86 43 2004"

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