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[casi] sent to BBC 's "Have your say" re Dr. Kelly

Dear Colleagues,

   Perhaps I may be permitted to sumbit this to CASI  without attack, to CASI.
I'm certainly no one compared to Dr. Kelly, but I think I also have not had a
forum to defend myself, based on my stand re Iraq, water, and children. My
quarrel is with Sen. Gregg (chair of the committee which is holding an
"excecutive" hearing on the elevation of Dr. Pipes, my accusser in the NY Post
to the U.U. Institute of Peace.

Here is my statement to "Have Your Say" -- probably not to be published by
BBC, but anything is possible.


As someone whose 20 year career in academia may have been ended, at least in
the U.S., due largely to an article in the NY Post and the refusal
of Congress to permit
a public hearing regarding my accusser who is has been nominated for a
position requiring the Advice and Consent of the U.S. Senate, I can certainly
with Dr. Kelly's structural inability to defend himself.

What can you, and you may be next, do when you are accussed but have no
ability to respond in any apt forum?
Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
George Washington U.
Washington, D.C.
p.s. A colleague's questioning my very sanity on my own university's listserv
directed to my colleagues which I was not permitted to see
until much later has certainly not helped.
Finally, I am not at all sucidal, so if I'm found, I can only hope that the
autopsy is done in a neutral country. But I don't think I have the importance
to be the object of weapons other than words, which are quite enough to
destroy me.

My statement was sent in response to:

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. of Expert Systems
George Washington Univeristy Sch. of Business & Public Mgt.
Washington, D.C. 20052

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