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Re: [casi] Andreas: Zarathustra's Prayer Call

>>Could I reiterate my request that List members not post
irrelevant, non-Iraq
>>related posts to this List.

Dear All,

Personally I like John-Peter's message very much.  It did
inspire me.  If it is not too much a burden to the List
members' mailboxes; I am happy to see more reflections like
this; they add to the List's readability rather than
detract from it.  I myself  particularly need inspiration
like this, as I am a person who is easily frustrated by what
I perceive as evil but just can't do much about.

ALL the Best,


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Dear List Members,

Could I reiterate my request that List members not post
irrelevant, non-Iraq
related posts to this List. John-Peter: if you want to send
a message of
this nature to Andreas, please do so by e-mailing Andreas
rather than the
whole list. I have enough e-mails to delete as it is (as I'm
sure do many
others on this List).

Best wishes,


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Subject: [casi] Andreas: Zarathustra's Prayer Call

> Andreas,
> Here is my attempt at your beautiful selection
> from the Avesta.
> Best regards,
> "Even the wisest among us
> must not be judge."
> "He lives his life,
> the others theirs.
> GOD only knows the end."
> ...
> "I simply know  that by doctrines
> something gets crushed within my heart,
> that yearning for the good is slowly smothered,
> and that I'm made to cry for liberation."
> "Him thus, I call false teacher:
> who soils what is the innermost,
> who desecrates my earth for me,
> and bars my gaze up to the sky,
> who only makes the clever slyer,
> imparts no more than earthly gain,
> beats down the one reaching beyond."
> ...
> "Yes, they live well, but off the want of others,
> whom they defraud out of their pay,
> and by example they tempt new ones
> forever with their own corrupted ways."
> ...
> "Leaving them be, just what they are,
> will be penance enough for them.
> But to make sure they can't grasp farther,
> discern with me the end to which such doing leads,
> and have this understanding keep you whole."
> "Set free for us, once more, this earth,
> now she is but a sacrifice for those gone mad.
> Ideologues and victimizers reign in life,
> but, siding with that life, we will prevail."
> "Because our life is more than food and drink:
> Justice it is,
> and all pervades heaven and earth."
> ...
> "You, Oh GOD, doest know:
> that I pray thus
> only because I love mankind."

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