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[casi] Dr Kelly (was: Iraq: Water-borne diseases increase with summer temperatures)

Actually, Tom, one thing that can NOT be said about Dr Kelly's tragic
death is 'convenient'.

The media here today has been full of condemnation for the events which
contributed to his decision to take his own life.

One newspaper (Daily Mail I think) had front page pictures of Blair,
Alastair Campbell (Blair's head of communications or whatever) and
Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon - with the caption 'Proud of yourselves?'

At least one Member of Parliament (Glenda Jackson I think) has called
for Blair's resignation.

For many years Dr Kelly stood up to Saddam Hussein, but it was events in
his own country that proved too hard to bear.
May he rest in peace.

The Guardian, 19/7/03:,12956,915999,00.html
Summary - Politics and Iraq - links to various stories,12956,1001435,00.html
The vendetta's victim - Crisis for the Blair government
"Tony Blair's government was last night shaken to its foundations by the
apparent suicide of Dr David Kelly, the backroom Whitehall scientist
caught in the lethal crossfire over weapons of mass destruction between
Downing Street and the BBC. ..."

Airborne Blair distressed by news,12956,1001353,00.html
"The anxiety showed on Mr Blair's face as he left the aircraft at
Tokyo's Haneda airport shortly before 3pm London time yesterday.
Accompanied by his wife Cherie, Mr Blair looked grim as he walked down
the aircraft steps into the sweltering Tokyo heat.

"His appearance contrasted with the Blairs' happy demeanour when they
boarded their aircraft at Washington's Andrews air force base after
flying from the White House.

"The normally slick Downing Street press operation showed clear signs of
unease during the flight. ..."

In message <3F1A5C4D@newman>, nagy <> writes

>   Boy, it sure was convenient that Dr. Kelly suicided. Hope some of his chums
>who know all the secrets of injecting some undetectable disabling agent, step
>forward. Who is doing the autopsy? Dr. Tony Blair? Hope it's better than the
>autopsy of Jack Kennedy at the Naval Hospital about 1/2 miles from where I'm
>writing this. Even his brain is missing, well no, because while the government
>can't locate it, the proper authority never signed the receipt so therefore it
>can't legally be missing. Hope things are less grotesque in merry old England.

Cathy Aitchison

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