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[casi] Andreas: Zarathustra's Prayer Call


Here is my attempt at your beautiful selection
from the Avesta.

Best regards,

"Even the wisest among us
must not be judge."

"He lives his life,
the others theirs.
GOD only knows the end."


"I simply know  that by doctrines
something gets crushed within my heart,
that yearning for the good is slowly smothered,
and that I'm made to cry for liberation."

"Him thus, I call false teacher:
who soils what is the innermost,
who desecrates my earth for me,
and bars my gaze up to the sky,
who only makes the clever slyer,
imparts no more than earthly gain,
beats down the one reaching beyond."


"Yes, they live well, but off the want of others,
whom they defraud out of their pay,
and by example they tempt new ones
forever with their own corrupted ways."


"Leaving them be, just what they are,
will be penance enough for them.
But to make sure they can't grasp farther,
discern with me the end to which such doing leads,
and have this understanding keep you whole."

"Set free for us, once more, this earth,
now she is but a sacrifice for those gone mad.
Ideologues and victimizers reign in life,
but, siding with that life, we will prevail."

"Because our life is more than food and drink:
Justice it is,
and all pervades heaven and earth."


"You, Oh GOD, doest know:
that I pray thus
only because I love mankind."

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