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[casi] "Mysterious Diseases" Haunt U.S. Troops

No wonder US has appointed a convicted felon , Joe Whittaker- friend of
Bush, as US director of health-care
facilities in Iraq- pg

Mysterious Diseases Haunt U.S. Troops In Iraq
 July 18, 2003, 06:59 PM

BAGHDAD - Several mysterious diseases were reported among a number of
American troops within the vicinity of Baghdad airport, a military source
closely close to NATO unveiled.
U.S. soldiers deployed around Baghdad airport started showing symptoms of
mysterious fever, itching, scars and dark brown spots on the skin, the
source, who refused to be named, said in statements published Thursday, July
17, by the Saudi Al-Watan newspaper.

He asserted that three soldiers who suffered these symptoms did not respond
to medical treatment in Iraqi hospitals and were flown to Washington for

The military source reported a media blackout by U.S. officials to hide such
information from the public.

The Americans claim the symptoms and the mysterious diseases were resulting
from exposure to the scourging sun, which the U.S. troops are not used to,
he added.

U.S. officials did not come up with an explanation for the symptoms, which
NATO experts tend to believe result from direct exposure to powerful nuclear
radiations of the sophisticated B-2 bombs used in the war on Iraq,
particularly in striking Iraqi Republican Guards forces who deployed to
defend the vicinity of Baghdad airport.

The military source stressed that the shrouds of secrecy imposed by American
officials on the issue were prompted by fears of creating waves of panic and
anger among the troops, particularly after announcements that American
troops would remain in Iraq indefinitely.

He asserted that NATO experts measured levels of radioactive pollution in
Iraq and confirmed there were levels of radioactive pollution with
destructive impacts on man and environment that may lead to risks suffered
by generations to come.

On April 25, the British Observer quoted military sources as affirming that
depleted uranium shells and bombs used by U.S. and British troops during
Iraq invasion were five times more than the number used during 1991 Gulf

The Pentagon had admitted shelling Iraq with about 350 tons of depleted
uranium in 1991, aggravating cancerous tumors cases among Iraqis.

Also today:

UN Annan To Call For Swift Iraq Sovereignty Transfer -BBC

NEW YORK -(Dow Jones)- U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan is ready to call
for a swift transfer of sovereignty back to the Iraqi people, the British
Broadcasting Corp. reported on its Web site Friday.

The BBC says Annan's recommendations are in a report due to be given to the
U.N. Security Council next week - a copy of which the BBC says it has.

The report suggests a pressing need exists for the Iraqi people to be given
a clear and specific sequence of events leading to the end of the military
occupation, the BBC said.

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