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Re: [casi] Correction

>> Perhaps the best solution to save humanity, and
>> this planet would be for the US economy to collapse
>> totally - pulling down the economies all the
> You may be correct -- and then we should all support
> Bush for re-election since is doing more to bring that
> about than anyone in my memory. ;]

Please don't vote him back - for your sakes and ours.

Besides, this is outside his control, aside from
domestic measures. Much of the US economy rests on the
dollar's role as a reserve currency. And since it
has massive debts and a high trade deficit, it's
the world that could bring about a change for the

If most of the world switched to the Euro as the
oil and reserve currency standard it would affect
the US economy.

If you remember, Iraq did just that. They did it when
the Euro stood at around 82 cents to the dollar - and
lost initially. But the Euro gained and Iraq recouped
the loss. Later Iraq converted its $10 billion reserve
fund at the UN to Euros. Now of course the US will
switch back to $. Other countries are considering a
switch. North Korea has already dropped the dollar.
Many countries are diversifying their currency
reserves away from the dollar.

This wouldn't ruin the US, but it would curb its
ability to ruin and destroy other countries.

Bush will certainly want to prevent countries from
switching. And he will fight dirty. This was the
main reason the US destroyed Iraq, some believe.
Or why it wants to break up OPEC. Or why it is
threatening Iran, the second-largest OPEC producer.
Still, this could be counter-productive.

But what I originally meant is that the greedy
West will have to cut back its expectations: Stop
killing and exploiting other people, and our
planet for filthy lucre. Live and let live -
or bust.

A book has just been published in Switzerland:
_Paradise or the end of the world - our choice._

Elga Sutter

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