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Re: [casi] Most Iraqis Want Troops To Stay, Says Poll

the results are no surprise. US invasion produces such a
humanitarian catastrophe in Iraq, a catastrophe that has
almost destroyed every element of the civilian
infrastructure. the widespread looting, which, i am
convinced, is deliberately encouraged and fostered by the
Bush administration for political reasons, has further
worsened the situation. in a situation like this, it is no
surprise to learn that most Iraqis want someone, no matter
who he is, to stay, as long as he has got the power to
maintain the social order.  however,  i believe that the
outcomes should be enormously different if poll asks "do you
want to tell US troops to piss off and let UN take over"?

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主旨: [casi] Most Iraqis Want Troops To Stay, Says Poll

Most Iraqis want troops to stay, says poll
Michael Howard, Baghdad
Thursday July 17, 2003
The Guardian,2763,999751,00.html

A majority of Baghdad residents feel US and British troops
should stay in Iraq for at least a year, according to the
first attempt at an opinion poll.

The You.Gov poll results were released as news emerged that
a ground-to-air missile was fired at a US military plane
near Baghdad airport.

The poll said 31% wanted troops to stay "a few years", while
25% said "about a year."

Only 13% said they should leave now, while 20% said they
should go "within 12 months".

The survey also found that half thought the US-led coalition
was right to invade.

You.Gov said there was no certainty that the 798 respondents
were a representative sample and that several interviews
were conducted with gunfire in the background.

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