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[casi] Re: Followup 7/8: Public Health Concerns in Iraq

Dear Colleagues,

    Does Helen Fein bother to read the materials she send out? First of
all the report she has sent us is not may be from  WHO url  but the
report itself is from something called "Pacific Disaster Management
Information Network [PDMIN] Everyone knows the WHO, but who has heard of
PDMIN, which on every page  modestly appends  the disclaimer, "This
report has been compiled from publicly available information...and
cannot be guaranteed".

     Helen, what is this? Bait and switch?  You promise us the WHO and
but gave us instead  PDMIN which admits on every page that it's data
cannot be guaranteed and makes no claim that its  source is the WHO but
rather "publicly available information?" Feels like old times, when you
confronted me with press clippings from the NYT instead of primary

       . For example,  at p. 3  your  MDMIN  report claims without any
hint of its source that "Baghdad now has about 8 hours of power a day"
-- wonderful  way  to keep in a ruined condition any  water treatment
system which relies on continuous power.  Intermittent power results in
continued ruin. Rotate the nouns, would NY or LA try running its water
system on 8 hours of power per day unless it wanted to destroy equipment
and kill kids?

        What fair minded scholar would not find your cite of Leitenberg
(limited to the cryptic notation (July 14) anything but pathetic)? The
quote ""I [ML} doubt it was US bombing, and there have been no reported
that US bombing hit sewage or water purification systems, but several
press reports in mid and late June of sabotage of water purification --
presumably ones still obeying Saddam 'government' directions-- and not
the the US" would be a joke, an ungrammatical and scarcely coherent
one,  except for the US's  continued killing of Iraqi infants by
putting  priority  on  oil rather than safe water, even for infants.
This crime that "outrageous the mute earth"  endangers our children and
those of our allies. Recall that  Article 54 forbids under all
circumstances  "rendering useless" items indispensable to the survival
of the civilian population, not merely the destruction or removal of
Article 54 infrastructure.

     Again to rotate the nouns, is Lietenberg so confident that the
invasion with its "shock and awe" terror bombing did not burst
significant numbers of water and sewage pipes from the concussion alone,
that he would be willing to test his cheerful  interpretation by
subjecting College Park, MD to an identical bombing and then looking for
leaks (except that in Iraq, the US's blocking of items needed to repair
water resulted in a pre invasion leakage rate of about 40%, even before
the 2003 invasion) so the comparison would hardly be fair.

        Of course since the sole cite to Leitenberg is Helen's cryptic
(July 14), it's rather had hard to judge if Leitenberg acknowledges that
a good portion of the "sabotage" consisted of Iraqi so desperate for any
water, they  pounded or shoot holes in the miserable pipes the U.S. had
for so many years prevented from being replaced. Thank you,   US killers
in stripped suits at the 661 Committee in NY.

      Neat trick Helen to give us a WHO url that provides, not a WHO
report as one might expect,  but a hodge podge of tossed together stuff 
from PDMIN, an organization I've never heard of, but perhaps  Helen can
educate us all.

      Finally I cannot believe that Helen and Garfield and Leitenberg
are so hard hearted about a demolished people, people that the U.S.
demolished under the fig leaf of U.N. sanctions,  that they can bear to
continue to be utterly  indifferent to the fate of US infants whose 
future relies on a the lives of all infants including Iraqi infants. Nor
can I believe that this trio of Americans can continue to  persist in
this form of genocide denial that threatens to destroy us all.

  Om mani padme hum.

Thomas J. Nagy, Ph.D.
Associate Prof. of Expert Systems
George Washington University
Washington, DC 20052
Researcher in Baghdad for Canada's IPPNW affiliate
Member: Tikkun Community

p.s. Helen, wonder if you would give us a slightly more precise citation
than (July 14) and provide us with ACTUAL WHO reports. Till then may I
suggest the shamefully outdated, but best I could find,
which is at least  consists of WHO and UNICEF reports and more modestly
the last item at until I can work with medical
doctors and epidemiologists to prepare a through post invasion study
during my upcoming sabbatical.

     May God and the mothers of Iraq forgive us all for act more
cowardly than even the "Good German Professors" of the 1940s who could
at least claim threat of immediate deportation to death camps with their
families if they spoke out. How can we justify our continued silence?

helen fein wrote:

> Rather than appending 20 pages in response to my e-mail of July 8,
> largely consisting of  a) personal accusations and defenses (many of
> which are defamatory, ad hominem and irrelevant), b) excessive
> technical information and c) forwarded  forwarded e-mails not intended
> for general dissemination, I think it best  to frame the central
> question of current concern and note an information source you may
> use  (among your other sources) to make your own judgment. The
> question implicit is whether responsibility for damage to Iraq's water
> treatment system and putative decline in public health  (which affects
> children especially) can be attributed to damage during to bombardment
> in the war, lack of security in Iraq for repair of facilities (due to
> armed attacks and looting) or lack of planning or of concern to
> maintain the system by the occupying power. Milton Leitenberg (July
> 14) said that "I doubt if it was US bombing, and there have been no
> reports that US bombing hit sewage or water purification systems, but
> several press reports in mid and late June of sabatoge of water
> purification and --presumably ones still obeying Saddam 'government'
> directions--and not the US.." Tom Nagy (July 11) said  that "there are
> scores of statement from WHO, UNICEF  and CARE, Inc. of the dire
> conditions in Iraq....[which] were exacerbated by the massive invasion
> and its inevitable aftermath, given the priority of the US/UK: save
> the oil for looting and don't worry excessively about anything else
> except possibly force protection of the US/UK militaries." All agree
> on the authoritative information reported on  the World Health
> Organization website:

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