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Re:[casi] Correction

> I don't know what a Moonie paper is,

Thanks to Charles Jenkins for correcting my
correction. I was relying on memory.

Roger, you do remember the Rev. Moon of the
Unification Church? Moonies are the members of
his sect/cult (?). The notoriety the Rev has
achieved comes from his religious exploits,
not from his political stance. And the
connotations in 'Moonie' come from a mixture
of both, I think - since he is dabbling
in the media. (He also owns UPI.)

I am attaching an article on the Rev.

But the Washington Post and the New York Times,
two highly respected newspapers, also echo the
government line when it comes to corporate interests.
They just do it in a far more subtle way. So does
the mainstream press everywhere: The ideology of
the New World Order is corporatism. And war, ie,
conquest, expands the interests of corporations.

Still, there is more of us (ordinary citizens) than
of them (corporate exploiters), as Arundhati Roy
keeps saying. But 'we' are useless, if we all
become somatized zombies of the New World Order.

So let's hang in there, Roger. Ask questions,
think, resist.

Perhaps the best solution to save humanity, and
this planet would be for the US economy to collapse
totally - pulling down the economies all the
so-called developed (industrialized) countries.
Then we could all start again with lowered
expectations - e.g., minus SUVs and fast bucks.

Just a thought...

Elga Sutter

<Start Fwd>

CESNUR - center for studies on new religions

"Moon, guests celebrate 20th anniversary of The
Washington Times"

(AP, May 22, 2002)

WASHINGTON - The Rev. Sun Myung Moon and a crowd of
3,000 celebrated the 20th anniversary of the newspaper
he founded, The Washington Times, in the nation's

Moon, the 82-year-old leader of the Unification Church,
started the Times on May 17, 1982, nine months after The
Washington Star closed. The Times has a daily
circulation of 110,120 and a strong following among
political conservatives in the U.S. capital for its
editorial philosophy.

The other newspaper in the nation's capital is the
Washington Post. Moon has invested more than dlrs 1
billion in his News World Communications, which recently
bought United Press International. Moon delivered an
hourlong address in Korean with a printed version in
English given to guests, on the life of Jesus.

"I hope that the Washington Times, UPI and other major
media will accept this lofty command from Heaven and
take up the task of educating humankind, taking a stance
beyond religion and ideology," said Moon.

Among guests at the celebration were talk-show host Dr.
Laura Schlessinger, former Defense Secretary Caspar
Weinberger, former Times editor Arnaud de Borchgrave and
singer Randy Travis.

"We are here to celebrate a two-newspaper town," said
Cal Thomas, a syndicated columnist who is carried by the

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