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[casi] (Fwd) Cairo Conference

The International Committee Against US Aggression, formed at the first Cairo conference in December 
2002, invites you to attend the second Cairo conference to be held in the Egyptian capital on 
Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 of October 2003.

On the eve of the US and British led attack on Iraq last December, Egyptian activists organised an 
international conference in opposition to war.

The conference was a landmark in the construction of an international anti-war movement. It was 
attended by 400 delegates from the Middle East and the international anti-war movement, including 
the former president of Algeria, Ahmed Ben Bella, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, George
Galloway MP, and former senior UN representatives Denis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck

The conference, and the Cairo Declaration that it issued, declared itself against the war on Iraq, 
in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance, and in solidarity with all those opposing the 
neo-liberal 'globalisation' policies that have done so much to create international instability and

The Cairo Declaration marked the coming together of the movement in the Middle East and the 
international social justice and anti-war movements. The international committee elected at the 
conference is headed by former President Ahmed Ben Bella, John Rees of the Stop the War Coalition 
in Britain
and Elias Rashmawi of the US anti-war organisation ANSWER.

More details of the Cairo conference and Declaration can be found on the Stop the War Coalition 
website ( and the International Campaign website (

Since the first Cairo conference we have seen momentous events. The international anti-war movement 
grew to an unprecedented scale. But the neo-colonial occupation of Iraq and the renewed offensive 
against the Palestinians now confront us with new tasks.

The Iraqis themselves are now engaged in a titanic struggle to rid their country of occupying 
forces. The Palestinian intifada continues under the most difficult circumstances. The US 
administration threatens Iran and other countries on a daily basis.

Now is the time to draw together the forces of resistance in the Arab world and from around the 
globe. The Cairo conference will be a sign of the strength of that continuing resistance and of 
solidarity with those in the Middle East who are resisting globalisation and imperialism.

Please come to the conference. We are asking Stop the War Coalition groups and all other peace 
organisations to sponsor delegations to the conference. We are calling on trade union bodies at all 
levels to send delegates to the conference. Please begin the work today so that the movement in
Britain can send the largest possible number of delegates to this vitally important gathering. We 
are securing the best possible flight and accommodation deals and will send out details as soon as 
we have them.

Yours truly,

Jeremy Corbyn MP

George Galloway MP

John Rees, vice-president, International Campaign Against US Aggression, Stop the War Coalition (UK)

Elias Rashmawi, vice-president, International Campaign Against US Aggression, ANSWER (US)

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