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[casi] "gutless careerism"

>Dear list,
I may be at the tail end of this tale, but from what I
can gather (see below), Dr Nagy is doing what we should all be doing:
standing up in our workplaces for our principles.
This particular form of protest often
goes unseen, because it is personal. But it
challenges the "deep sleep" in the workplace at
large -- the "don't ask, don't tell" mental blindness
which psychologically permits the killing of others.
What can we do to link up private protest with public
protest movements, so that the individual who
challenges the system on her/his own is supported?
On the practical level, I wonder if there is a legal
support group for academics who speak their mind,
Philippa Winkler

===== Original Message From " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." <> =====
>Dear List,
>     If I've miscalculated I think my health will take a decided turn for the
worse. If so please send the cops a
>copy of this. I'm kidding, I hope. These days nothing is sure out here. I get
banned from the school and mgt sci
>listservs for dissing the campus homeland security tszar, a retired admiral
now less who complains I'm calling him
>a fascist. Actually I dont recall doing that but I recall haraging the
students when the "univesity" shut down at
>the orders of the police chief to make it easier to guard the IMF from
families with signs and baloons-- must have
>been the most horrifying sight since the entire golden horde of the Mongols 
attacked Europe.
>       (I think that's why I got banned; who knows) Boy I sure know why U.S.
profs. generally say nothing. It
>begins with shunning and progess to harassment that takes endless time to
>" Tom Nagy, Ph.D." wrote:
>> Dear Chuck,
>>         Since your silence about my recent character assassination in the
Mgt Sci dept. didn't seem
>> to bother you, , I think you've got pretty thick skin, so you won't be
>> too upset about the following piece I'm working on. If you don't want to
>> read it, then delete the sucker, but maybe there are elements that just
>> might resonate. I think you care about the grunts, and if you and the
>> military that's so worshipped especially in congress were to speak up
>> maybe we could avoid the Iraqi wall as a reflection of the Vietnam wall.
>> Hell I lost my company commander, Chimminello, that's when I stoped
>> reading the list of ROTC guys in our artillery machine. I was saved by a
>> Maj. who turned me down because my marching a boot polishing technique
>> was dismal--though my grades were great. Otherwise i guess my name would
>> be on the wall and my guts all over Vietnam along with the rest of the
>> forward artillery observers.
>> ==========================================
>> om:
>>         " Tom Nagy, Ph.D." <>
>> 10:36 PM
>>  Subject:
>>         Is that the 21 Centry Lt. Calley I see?
>>      To:
>>     Dear Super Heros of the the Long Grey Line,
>>          Well, your guttless careerism is getting the US  right into the
>> 21st Centry's Vietnam. We are already slaughtering civilians by putting
>> a higher priority on looting the oil than on giving infants safe water.
>>         We crossed a threshold when the news show the all professional
>> army doing a zipo job on the vegetation. Houses to follow-- except maybe
>> we'll borrow back some of the armered bulldozers from man of peace, Gen.
>> Sharon.
>>        I see your running short on the regulars and the reserves who
>> want  want to returrn to weekend  fun and games in the states with 3
>> weeks of camping (uhhh--- make that military  maneuvers). So when does
>> the carpeting bombing begin -- dust off Rolling Thunder and Linebacker.
>> Hay, let's make Syria and Iran the Loas and Cambodia of this update.
>> Where's Pop Beull and the children soldiers? Can Lt. Calley be far
>> behind, as we kinds draw down towards bottom of the barrell?
>>       Wonder when we reach Tet?  Does Uncle Walter Croncrite have enough
>> Geritol in his system to get out of an  "anchor" chair and say the gig
>> is up. And will Lydon Johnson (whoops,  make the W.,  the mad
>> executioner from Texas, say , "well hell there goes the middle class?"
>>        Jesus will it end in Dein Bein Phu, Tet, or will the Baby Bush
>> decide its gotteramadung for the world that his rejected his perfect
>> democracy?
>>        And why doesn't that guilty-as-hell dingbat robot Robert Strange
>> MacNemera speak out and atone for his folly, hubris and monster crimes.
>> And what about the good guys like Aubrey Daniels who gutted Nixon
>> publicly as the  lowely who put Calley away for life that Nexon comuted
>> to house arrest with congugal visits for good old Rusty Calley.
>>        Any what about you Calley, can you step from behind the counter
>> of you jewler shop to say that massacring the infants together with the
>> moms has finally gotten to you and you want to attone by warning about
>> Vietnam along the Tigris?
>> ==========================================
>>     If you had it mighty rough I'm sorry but,  hell being a worthless
>> refugee from 3months to 5 years was not fun; nor reliving it all in
>> Baghdad in October.
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